The Hero Effect Returns February 11th

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The Hero Effect is an uplifting docu-series that brings to life the stories of ordinary individuals who are making extraordinary differences in their communities. Shot on location in ten different communities across the country, each episode brings audiences real-life stories that show the impact one person can make.


The Hero Effect’s episode #4, which will air Saturday, February 11, 2017 10 A.M.  on OWN, highlights Mary's Center, a Community Health Center that provides health care, family literacy and social services to individuals whose needs too often go unmet by the public and private systems. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, can largely be averted through the use of preventive services (i.e., regular visits with a primary care provider, receiving important screenings, etc.) and practicing healthy behaviors. Many people, both with and without health insurance, do not receive the preventive services that they need for a variety of reasons, including financial barriers to coverage, and living in areas without enough health care providers. A lack of access to health care services can impact quality of life, health status, and decrease one’s life expectancy.

  • In the United States, 117 million people (about half of all adults) are struggling with one or more chronic health conditions.
  • An estimated 85 million people are underinsured or without health insurance for a full year.

Tune in on Saturday, February 11th at 10am EST to watch the story of Mary's Center on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Action Opportunity

Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they need to. But for many Americans this is not possible because they do not have healthcare coverage.

Currently, the Affordable Care Marketplace is providing 560,357 North Carolinians with healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. This coverage not only benefits parents but it is also the first step in ensuring that children receive healthcare. Research shows that when parents are covered, their children are covered. The ACA provides a provision that allows parents to add or keep their children on their healthcare plan until the age of 26 so now over 2.3 million young people who would otherwise have been uninsured have gained coverage nationwide.

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