Tax Deduction Legislation

Submitted by Elisabeth on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:22pm

United Way Worldwide (UWW) and United Way of North Carolina continue to advocate to protect the charitable deduction. In the federal tax reform framework released a few weeks ago, the charitable deduction was preserved but it was retained as an itemized deduction. This would have a significant impact on charitable giving due to the proposed increase in the standard deduction. It is expected that 28 million people would lose their tax incentive to give, potentially resulting in $13.1 billion less in giving each year. 

UWW has been advocating to move the charitable deduction above the line and make it accessible to ALL American taxpayers.

Late last week, Representative Mark Walker – 6th District in North Carolina – introduced a bill in the House to extend the charitable deduction to non-itemizing taxpayers by moving the deduction above the line.  The text is not yet public but Congressman Walker did tweet about the bill. 



Educate yourself

Check out this quick video that explains the point. 


Sign On

United Way Worldwide's petition can be found here.


Say Thanks

Please show your appreciation to the Congressman on social media for introducing the bill.  Sample posts are below for your use (his address @RepMarkWalker is the same on both Facebook and Twitter):

Thank you @RepMarkWalker for proposing to protect charitable deduction by moving it above the line & protecting giving to NC orgs #giving100 

Thank you @RepMarkWalker for your leadership and proposing to move the charitable deduction above the line. #giving100 

Thank you @RepMarkWalker for proposing to expand the charitable deduction. #giving100