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United Way is committed to the idea that when citizens give, advocate and volunteer, our community is stronger. Voting is one way to advocate. This page offers resources and links to educate you on issues and the voting process in general. Should you have questions, please contact or call 828-768-4559.

Voting Information and Resources

2018 Elections: The general election will be Tuesday, November 6th. 

Voting Information and Resources

2018 Elections:   Elections for 2018 are now complete. To check the results for Buncombe County, follow this link from the Buncombe County Board of Elections. One key result from our county is more than  60% of all registered voters voted. Compared to the last “midterm” election in 2014, Buncombe had less than 47% of all eligible voters vote. 
IMPORTANT: One of the four amendments that were approved by voters was to require a photo ID for people to vote. At this time, it is unclear what photo ID’s will be accepted for future elections in North Carolina.
How can I check whether I am registered at my current address under my current name? Even though so many of us just voted, it is good to check our voter registration. The NC Board of Elections Public Voter Search page offers you the opportunity to do so.
  1. Enter your full first and last name. For common names, you can also select your county to filter responses. Select the link with your name and you will get your Voter Information page.
  2. If you are registered at your current address under your current name, that is great! On the same Voter Information page that lists your registration, you will see your polling station and other relevant information.
  3. If you are not registered at your current address and/or under your current name, the best action to take is to go to your local Board of Elections to make the changes. This will only take a few minutes, but it is well worth the time.
If I have questions about voting, what is the best resource to get my questions answered? The Buncombe County Board of Elections is a valuable resource. You can call them at 250-4200 or visit their office at 77 McDowell Street in Asheville.
How can I get the latest information on voting? United Way encourages people to pledge to vote. More than 700 people currently have done so. By pledging to vote, you will receive e-newsletters before elections with updated, nonpartisan information on the election.  These timely e-newsletters offer information on issues, processes, candidates, and more.  Please feel free to encourage others to pledge to vote.