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2-1-1 Connections: When Disaster Hits

by Neela McDade
2-1-1 Referral Specialist

Winter weather may have left you wondering who to call if WNC experiences blizzard conditions like the Northeast. What if ice and winter weather affect your electricity and you have no way to heat your house? Are there any places you can go to warm up?


NC 2-1-1 Connections: Housing

Perhaps you think the over 6,000+ calls NC 2-1-1 received this year for housing expense assistance all received the same list of resources. Actually, every caller we speak to receives referrals customized to their needs and experiences. Housing, like most basic needs in WNC, can be complicated so NC 2-1-1 referral specialists are rigorously trained so we can simplify the process for accessing basic needs for our callers.


Good Citizenship: In Advocacy We Trust

by Ron Katz
Focus Area Manager

As Independence Day approaches, I started to think about my work at United Way and all of the amazing volunteers I have the pleasure to work alongside. These citizens of our community understand everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. They take that understanding further by advocating for lasting change.


What's Next from the Safety Initiative for Women and Children?

by Dr. Kellett Letson

Our work fighting domestic violence in Buncombe County isn't over

As a United Way board member I am very aware just how important our call to action is when it comes to making our community strong. You’ve seen the words: Give, Advocate and Volunteer – LIVE UNITED.