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Spirit Of NC Award: Dixon Hughes Goodman

When we think about our rock stars, the people and companies that go above and beyond, time after time, year after year, it is impossible to create a list that doesn't have the Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG) team right at the top. So when our staff had an opportunity to make a nomination for the Spirit of North Carolina award, we knew it had to be our friends at DHG.

This year, DHG (Asheville and Charlotte), were among 33 awardees. This is the second time they have won this award. Here are just a few highlights of their contributions to our community:

NC 2-1-1 Connections: Stormy Weather

Helen called 2-1-1 wanting to make sure that someone knew that she was wheelchair bound, living alone and in a floodplain. She wanted to know who could help her if flooding began.

Carlos called looking for help at his mother's house. Every time it rained, raw sewage spilled into her yard. He didn't know who to call for help.

Lena was running out of food and was afraid that if the bridge went out she'd be stuck without anything for her children. She wanted to know if there was a food pantry nearby.


What Are Student Resource Pantries?

If you've come to our past few events, you know we've been collecting items to stock student resource pantries at local middle schools. We thought we'd give you a better idea of how they work and how you can continue to support schools in your neighborhoods. Given the proper resources and opportunities to be successful, all students can experience the power and freedom that results from a sound education.

Meet the 2-1-1 Information and Referral Specialists

NC 2-1-1 Asheville Center provides information and referrals to nonprofit and governmental health and human service organizations in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, McDowell, Polk, Rutherford and Transylvania counties. Ten years ago, the Asheville center was the first North Carolina agency (and only fifteenth in the nation) to receive accreditation from the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), signifying commitment to the highest standards and quality of service. Last year, the center was awarded its third consecutive five-year accreditation.

Lessons Learned By United Way Fathers

There are studies about the importance of parents' impact on the well-being of their children. Cognitive ability, educational achievement, psychological well-being and social behavior are all affected during kids' formative years. But what impact do children have on their parents? This Father's Day, a few of the fathers at United Way reflected on what they've gotten out of fatherhood.

Three Predictions for the United Way Annual Meeting

Whenever I go to a conference that costs me or my employer money, I expect to bring back at least three things.  I want to get at least one new idea I can put to use quickly.  I want to make at least one connection with another person who is doing interesting things in their work and who I can follow up with later. And I want to be inspired.  I look for a passionate speaker who makes me want to do a better job and be a better person.