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Don't Avoid the Topic of Guns

I doubt many of us made it through the holidays without thinking of the mass  shooting  in Newtown Connecticut..  Such a horrific event penetrates the armor of the most hardened of us.  So as we figure out ways to move on, we face two options:

1. Let time diminish our feelings about it
2. Keep the tragedy alive enough to have a national discussion about it


Who wants to work just to pay a bill?

Earlier this year we hosted a half dozen community conversations that focused on disadvantaged youth and what gets in their way of having a chance at a good life.  We defined disadvantaged youth as teens who had dropped out of high school and were unemployed.  Many of those who joined the conversations were in their teens or twenties. 


United Way announces Request for Proposals for 2013-2014

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe announces today the beginning of its 2013-2014 community investment process, which will advance the work of United Way’s Education, Income and Health focus areas.

The competitive grant process is open to programs with results clearly aligned with the community-level results United Way seeks in Education, Income and Health. Other requirements include:

How This Community Talks about Public Education

This Community Wants Good Public Education

Recently I wrote about 4 ways to keep public education alive. Here is a slightly different slant on the public interest in public education.  Education has been one of the most significant messages from the Community Conversations we have been hosting.