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Big Brothers Big Sisters Launch 100 Mentors Campaign

United Way's Middle School Success Initiative is working to build a strong network of partners that are committed to successful students, strong families, and engaged communities. 

One of our efforts is our Who Got You Through (WGYT) campaign. Through WGYT, we promote volunteer opportunties (mentoring/tutoring, in-school/after-school, one-on-one/group experiences), that support students. 


Please Join Us
  • 8am - 10am Experience the Middle Grades Network in Action
    YMI Cultural Center, 39 S. Market Street
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Gearing up for a new school year

If you have been on any of our social media pages lately you've seen a lot of buzz about our annual school supply drive. This event is a fun and rewarding project that aims to send 2,000 students back to school with full stocked backbacks this year alone. This event benefits students who will have the tools they need to succeed and provides financial respite to families and even their teachers.

Advocacy Alert: Affordable Housing

From our advocacy partners at The Success Equation:

You know that when our children have a safe place to call home it supports their health and educational success. Last November, an overwhelming majority of Asheville voters joined us in passing the Housing Bond to provide significant funding to increase a variety of housing options for families and individuals.


Will you help shape the future of housing affordability in Asheville by attending a public input meeting on the bond?

The most Righteous, Totally Radical, Where's the Beef Trophy EVER!

You could walk away from Kickoff with a glorious trophy and massive bragging rights — if you participate in the Lip Sync Contest!

But first, you've got to read the rules, assemble your team, and be one of the first ten teams to submit your form before September 7 (5pm). This deadline is serious. We've already had teams scratching at our door, wanting to join in the fun so don't delay - this is a first come first served signup sheet.

Remember, your song must be from the 80s. Please share your link to an MP3 file format of your song.
Number each team member (1-10 max) and include the team captain's name.
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Women United Spotlight: Kathy Volatile

We love puttting the spotlight on some of our standout volunteers and donors. Kathy Volatile is one of those people. She has been a great supporter of our work and Women United and we hope you get the chance to meet her at one of our next events.

Pictured: Kathy and her husband (and former United Way board chair) Dr. Leon Elliston.





Drop in Juvenile Crime Rate

On June 11, 2017 Kate Pett and Brian Randall of the Asheville City Schools Foundation and In Real Life program, wrote an article for the Asheville Citizen-Times. In it, they share important information about the dramatic decrease in juvenile crime complaints in our community and the powerful impact that local programs are having on this story. Three parts of this story stand out: