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Spotlight: Taylor Gregg

We believe that the people in our community, the people who Give, Advocate and Volunteer, are pretty spectacular people and they deserve a bright light shone upon them.

Taylor Gregg is one of those people. Taylor is a Premier Relationship Banker with First Citizens Bank. She has eight years experience as a banker, specifically assisting in financial planning as it relates to wealth, lending needs, and insurance for her clients and their families. Taylor joined the WLC last year as part of the Step-Up program and immediately became an active member.


Epic Lip Sync Battle | Kickoff 2016

First Place Winners!!! Oh, how we all love The AsheVillage People, also known as the VanWinkle Law Firm. Other than practicing law, they pride themselves on giving back to the community. Van Winkle has been an excellent partner with United Way for many years. In addition to running a highly successful workplace campaign, Heather Goldstein serves on our campaign cabinet. Heather and some of her fellow colleagues performed a classic song from the 70’s, with a twist.


2016 Elections

One important way you can advocate is by voting for candidates and issues you support.  While United Way’s efforts are strictly nonpartisan (not supporting candidates or political parties), we can provide important information to help prepare you to make your decisions. 

Here are some examples of what we provide:


We need your help! Multi-Lingual Book Drive at Erwin Middle

Did you know that at Erwin Middle School alone we represent over 20 countries and more than 23 languages?

The Erwin District has the highest rate of newcomer (young people coming to the U.S. for the first time) students in the county. On the first day of school alone we had two Ukrainian, three Marshallese, one Russian, and three Hispanic students come through our doors for their VERY FIRST day of school in the United States.


Welcome to the LE Class of 2016

Each year, we welcome a new group of people into the ranks of our United Way staff. The LEs (Loaned Executives) are full time, temporary staff who assist with our annual fundraising campaign in area workplaces. Since the program's inception there are more than 300 people that have served our community in this capacity and they all look at their experience as an important part of their life story.