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NC 2-1-1 Connections: Stormy Weather

Helen called 2-1-1 wanting to make sure that someone knew that she was wheelchair bound, living alone and in a floodplain. She wanted to know who could help her if flooding began.

Carlos called looking for help at his mother's house. Every time it rained, raw sewage spilled into her yard. He didn't know who to call for help.

Lena was running out of food and was afraid that if the bridge went out she'd be stuck without anything for her children. She wanted to know if there was a food pantry nearby.


Highlands Circle Spotlight: Dr. David Hardy

David Hardy AshevilleDr. David Hardy is Assistant Director of Operations at APEX Brain Centers. He also serves on the Executive Committee of Highlands Circle, a network of passionate young professionals looking to change the odds for families and Buncombe County communities through positive, lasting change. We get to know him a little better in this month's HC Spotlight.


MSS: What We Do

Successful Students. Strong Families. Engaged Communities.

This is why our Middle School Success Initiative exists. But we know that no single individual or organization can accomplish wide-scale community change alone. We are stronger, more powerful, when we work together. This is what collective impact is about.

Why Middle School?

Some call the middle school years the “Bermuda Triangle” of life. Educators say it is the "last best time" to ensure that kids are solidly prepared to successfully navigate high school and make it to graduation.

What Are Student Resource Pantries?

If you've come to our past few events, you know we've been collecting items to stock student resource pantries at local middle schools. We thought we'd give you a better idea of how they work and how you can continue to support schools in your neighborhoods. Given the proper resources and opportunities to be successful, all students can experience the power and freedom that results from a sound education.