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Agonizing Decisions

A few days ago I stood in line behind a woman attempting to get her medications.  There were a lot. I couldn't help overhear her conversation with the pharmacist - a difficult one where he attempted to help her decide which ones were the true priority for her immediate life safety and which she could hold off on for a few weeks until she could find the money.  It was excruciating to watch as she told her young daughter to sit to the side while she conferred with the pharmacist.  

Middle School Success

How did we land on Middle School Success as our focused initiative? Starting in February of 2010, a task force of community leaders met to review issues facing our community in the areas of Education, Income and Health. 

Because successful completion of high school is a determinant of well-being in all three areas of Education, Income and Health, and because Middle School years are pivotal to high school graduation, the task force recommended that the work of the United Way Focused Initiative:

Southern Institute arrives in Asheville

June 1-3 United Way representatives from all over the southeast and beyond will join together in Asheville to share best practices and learn from the best thinkers out there.  We are very excited that folks from all over will experience our wonderful community so if you see them out and about give them a big hello!


We are also proud because three of our staff members will be presenting at the conference:

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