Requesting United Way to Sponsor Your Event

Thank you for your interest in having United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County sponsor your event. Historically, United Way’s sponsorship of other organizations’ events has been minimal and has been managed on an informal, case-by-case basis.

As we've expanded those sponsorships, more organizations have begun reaching out for sponsorship support. With a limited budget to fill those requests, we felt it best to provide a clear and equitable process for all to access. The following information should help you to determine if we are a good fit and apply for funding. 



Applicants must be

  • A 501C3 or a recognized civic/community group/association 
  • Based in Buncombe County
  • Align with 
    • Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles, and/or
    • United for Youth and the Bold Community Goal  

Sponsorship Reach

We will prioritize those sponsorship opportunities that benefit work that is happening within communities that are aligned with our organizational priorities. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • events that directly impact or support youth and families or help our community understand the issues they face,
  • local public school communities, especially those aligned with our current community school locations, 
  • United for Youth partnerships, 
  • UWABC affinity groups, and 
  • communities impacted disproportionately by poverty and injustice 

What We Won't Fund

  • political parties or elections
  • faith community recruitment efforts (proselytizing) 
  • any organization that discriminates against people on the basis of gender, identity, race, ethnicity, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, age, or religion/belief
  • any groups that are based outside of Buncombe County

Application and Decision-Making Process

Online applications are reviewed twice a year using this schedule. Funding decisions will be made within 7-10 days of the due date. 

Your Event Date Application Due Date
Aug 1 - Dec 30 Jul 1
Jan 1 - Jun 30 Dec 1




Exceptions: Applications can be made “mid-cycle” or after the official due date. These applications will only be considered if there weren't any applications made by the due date or if the funds were not completely spent.

How Much Money Can Organizations Apply For?

This year, we have an annual budget of $5,000 for sponsorships. $2,000 of these funds are used toward our legacy commitment to the annual MLK Prayer Breakfast. This leaves us with two cycles of up to $1,500 each cycle to invest. 

Depending on the number of applications received, the total amount requested, and the applicant's relationship to United Way's strategic priorities, we may choose to fund one group, multiple groups, or none at all. Any funds that are not expended in one quarter will roll over to the next one. 

Who decides on funding?

Since advertising dollars are being used to fund these sponsorships, the Senior Marketing and Communications Director will evaluate the incoming applications and send a recommendation for funding to our Leadership Team for feedback/input. Exceptions: Legacy sponsorships do not need to go through the formal process


FY 2023-24 Sponsorships

The following are sponsorships that have been made since July 1, 2023


Apply for Sponsorship Funding



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  • If there are other asks of United Way (not just funding) please list them here. 
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