If you've ever donated, volunteered your time, helped to promote our work, or participated in a United Way endeavor, you've engaged in advocacy. The simple act of promoting or supporting our collaborative efforts has a profound effect on both our neighbors and our community. 


The purpose of advocacy is to bring about change, whether that's accomplished through raising public awareness, increasing support, or influencing policy. 

In order to address policies that impact the education, health, and financial stability of our neighbors, and directly address issues related to poverty, we currently provide financial support for the work of the Success Equation. The Success Equation, led by Children First/Communities in Schools (CF/CIS) is a regional leader in the field of public policy advocacy. We also provide staff representation on their leadership team and share their advocacy agenda and calls to action with our larger network. We encourage you to sign up for their Advocacy Alert Newsletter to stay better connected to their efforts to support early childhood development and family economic stability.

Advancing Advocacy At United Way

As we work to further our own advocacy work, we will create an advocacy committee composed of community members, board, staff, students, and parents. Using a racial equity and justice lens, this committee will establish a public policy advocacy agenda that supports and promotes issues that allow us to fulfill our mission of mobilizing and supporting a robust network of people, partners, and resources to co-create opportunities for every person in our community to live free from poverty and injustice.