Asheville City Schools


As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

Increase Equity for All Students with a Focus on Black Students:

  • Core Instruction
    • Train all staff (teachers, instructional assistants, and administrators) on elements of foundational literacy.
    • Support staff with core curriculum and provide authentic implementation support.
    • Utilize culturally responsive instructional strategies.
    • Regularly analyze academic data to ensure the growth of all students.
  • Equitable Discipline
    • Shift away from exclusionary discipline practices recognizing that exclusionary practices are not an effective method for changing behavior and disproportionately harm black students.
    • Decrease the number and percentage of referrals on black students.
    • Regularly analyze and respond to discipline data at both the school and district level.
    • Learn and utilize restorative practices including circles, accountability measures, and conferences.
  • Student Voice
    • Provide opportunities for diverse student voice and leadership at the district and school level.
    • Fund students slots at the Racial Equity Institute (REI) training.
  • Preschool
    • Increase the number and % of black and brown students in ACS Preschools.
    • Improve the quality of programming, especially in the area of literacy instruction.
    • Strengthen our preschool to kindergarten transition with a focus on early literacy programming to close the achievement gap.

Expand Family and Community Partnerships:

  • Extended Learning Opportunities
    • Fund an Extended Learning Coordinator.
    • Provide after-school academic enrichment opportunities.
    • Offer Saturday School academic and attendance opportunities at the high school level.
    • Plan for new summer career acceleration with community partners.
  • Early Warning and Response System (EWRS)
    • Utilize the EWRS, Learning Circle, to strengthen the partnership with community partners serving ACS students.
  • Wifi in Public Housing Communities
    • In partnership with community stakeholders, provide high-speed wireless internet access to over 1000 households in Asheville Housing Authority residences.

Focus on Health and Wellbeing:

  • Social-Emotional Skills
    • Incorporate CASEL-aligned social-emotional learning activities into instruction K-12 with dedicated SEL time.
    • Utilize an SEL screener, Panorama, to monitor and address students’ social-emotional strengths and areas of growth.
    • Analyze data to create SEL action plans for each campus.
  • COVID-19 Response
    • Respond to the needs of students and families impacted by quarantine and exclusion due to COVID-19 by ensuring access to academic support and essential resources such as medical attention and food.
    • Provide weekly data reports and resources.
    • Assign COVID Coordinators to each school to support school staff and families when deemed a close contact or have tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Work with local health care providers to establish vaccine clinics that are accessible for our staff, students, and families across our city and county.
  • Mental Health
    • Employ Student Support Specialists to work with students.
    • Employ a McKinney Vento Student Support Liaison to connect homeless students to community resources.
    • Work with community agencies to secure support to students and families.
  • General Health
    • Increase access to school nurses.
    • Open a school-based health center at Asheville Middle School in 2022.

Engage in the Asheville Buncombe United for Youth Network:

  • U4Y Workgroups
    • Participate in workgroups, including Early Warning and Response System, Cross-Sector Leadership, and Results Based Accountability.
  • Community Schools
    • Grow the existing community school model at Asheville Middle School and add an additional community school at Asheville High/School of Inquiry and Life Sciences (SILSA).
    • Add a school-based health center at Asheville Middle School.
  • Collaboration
    • Utilize the U4Y Network to increase collaboration with community partners around improved outcomes for youth in Asheville.