5 Great Moments 2023

There are big issues we are tackling in our community and a lot of important work to do, but every so often it is important to look back and acknowledge the great moments that have happened.

Moments like these give us energy and inspiration for the days ahead. We hope you enjoy this quick look back and thank you for helping make these things possible!



1. The Warrior Wellness Center is Open!

Sure, it was cold and a little rainy, but none of that mattered earlier this fall as our community gathered to open a new School-Based Health Center on the Erwin Middle School campus. The Wellness Center is, essentially, a doctor’s office on campus that serves students, staff, and families in the Erwin District. This school-based health center offers comprehensive care ranging from medical to dental and counseling to prescriptions and is open whenever the school is open. No student is denied services based on their ability to pay. Private and public health insurance and sliding scale fees are also available for those who qualify. It is important to note that student health care and screenings can only happen with parental/guardian consent. 

Additional good news. The next center is slated to open next year at Enka Middle! 

2. United for Youth Block Party

Seeing hundreds of families gathering, laughing, and even dancing on the green in the center of Asheville for the second year in a row was a big highlight for us. The enthusiasm of the attendees, the commitment of the organizations that tabled, and the immense talent of the youth performers were simply astounding. It's all about building a groundswell of support for youth and families across Buncombe County - to ensure that ALL Asheville and Buncombe County youth graduate from High School ready and fully prepared to achieve their goals and dreams.

Watch this video and see it for yourself:




3. Community Nights Return!

This fall we not only returned to provide weekly Community Nights (featuring Homework Diners) but also expanded to a total of 7 area schools. What is this all about? In partnership with our schools, volunteers, and local chefs we provide academic support and dinner for the whole family for anyone with a K-12 student in our county. We've had 1,973 people walk through those doors this school year alone

Does it matter? 

We've heard from teachers who say these events help them build relationships with parents and students alike, but this quote from a student says it all:

“I probably would have failed all four semesters in math class if I hadn't gone to this,” Asheville Middle School eighth-grader Tea said as they looked around the Asheville Middle School cafeteria. “Community Night helps me have trust for the teachers and kind of, like, realize that I can come to them if I need support in any classes or just with other stuff.” 

Read the rest of the story here. 

4. The Power and Promise of Community Schools

We're thrilled to report that we've just learned we are among several other communities in North Carolina that will receive funding from the Department of Education for our work in Community Schools! This funding will allow us to deepen the work we are doing in the 7 schools we are in and allow us to expand to an 8th and 9th school in the coming year. 

What is a Community School? This landing page will give you an idea of what we're doing locally and you can check out this video that features national practitioners like Jose Munoz, Senior Director for the Coalition Community Schools & Institute, and others talking about the "Power and Promise of Community Schools". 



5. Nothing We Do Happens Without Community

“Celebrating individuals and our partners is in our DNA at United Way,” said Dan Leroy, President and CEO of United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County. “We know that times are tough for a lot of us right now. So when people muster the energy to lift their voices and raise their hands to champion our work, it is important to take a moment to celebrate them because we know that our community is so much stronger as a result.”

Check out the gallery from the celebration and link to details about this year's awardees here.


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