Student Experiences: Antoria Stinson

Meet Antoria Stinson, an Asheville High School 12th-grade senior. At just 17 years old, Antoria has recently been accepted into six colleges and is currently in the process of selecting the perfect one to further her education and aspirations.

As an active participant in various programs, including the DREAM program, Antoria served as a high school mentor for middle school students. She's also been an integral part of the AVID program, participated in the Summer Bridge program, and showcased her talents at the UWABC Block Party. Her involvement in these programs reflects her dedication to personal growth and community building.



In Antoria's words, "I feel like my real-life superpower is giving back to people. Because growing up, I didn’t have what I have now, and I know that some youth that I see they want to grow and do better for themselves. So I just like giving back."

Antoria’s value of giving back is reflected in her dream of opening her very own dance studio. She explains, "I want to open up my own dance studio. For youth or even for adults. You don’t have to like dance or be passionate about it. Just dance because dancing is like energy and is a place where you can relax and dance off your anger."

Antoria emphasizes the impact of programs like her dance studio could be, on her happiness, stating, "I feel like having programs makes me happy because there are all these different activities and clubs kids can get involved in."

Recognizing the strength of the Asheville High School community around her, Antoria shares she believes, "The biggest strength of AHS is that different people of different ethnicities and races, everybody comes together at the end of the day, and they make things happen. And I feel like that is what our strength is."

In Asheville High being a strong community Antoria spoke to what support looks like in the AHS community. Antoria defines support as, "People going out of their way to do things for you. I feel like I like people who want to see me succeed and give me opportunities to better myself in the future."

Antoria Stinson's story exemplifies the transformative power of student voices in shaping a supportive and thriving educational community. Her dedication to giving back, pursuing dreams, and valuing unity within her school can inspire us to listen to and uplift the voices of students, and provide opportunities for ALL youth.


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