Doing Well While Doing Good

Webb InvestmentsDoing Well While Doing Good

Since 1995, Webb Investment Services has offered wealth management practice to a diverse group of Western North Carolinians looking to manage their finances and create sustainable long-term plans. While Founder Laura Webb and Financial Advisor Faith Doyle tout a strong history, both personally and cooperatively through their work together in Webb Investments, they’re not afraid to say that they’re a minority as women in the financial services industry. 

In fact, it’s one of the “drums they’ll continue to beat as they approach their 25th year in business together-- working to educate and empower women around their finances and balance the scales of women serving as financial advisors, business owners, and CEOs (and being paid the same as men while doing it). Their upcoming workshop with Women United, taking place Wednesday, February 19 from 7:30-9:30 a.m. at Lenoir Rhyne University will address the core of this very topic-- “Doing Well While Doing Good.”

Empowering Women to Take Control of their Finances

Laura Webb“One of the things Faith and I care deeply about is trying to help empower women to take control of their finances. And then in relationship, one of the things I think our community does a good job of is encouraging philanthropy. So the theme of this workshop is ‘Doing Well While Doing Good,’ because you need to take care of yourself and do well for yourself first, then you’re able to look at how you can do good currently with your investments in the community,” shares Webb.

Financial Advisor at Webb Investment, Faith Doyle nods in agreement and adds that everything ultimately comes down to planning. She shares that their first order of business is to identify someone’s goals and then create a personalized plan around that. “We’re trying to normalize women talking about money. It’s okay. We all do it and worry about it. There’s a potential you’re going to out-live it so why not talk about it and let’s figure it out and make it normal.” 

With a successful career in telecom and later in pharmaceuticals, Doyle acquired an MBA, then went on to work for a financial management practice before joining forces with Laura two years ago. “I remember being re-structured in one of my previous positions and sitting there with a five-week-old baby thinking, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to be the master of my own destiny at some point in my life so I’ve got to figure this out.” Just two years later, she’s listening to Laura Webb speak at WomanUp, an initiative from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce focused on women in business, that Webb helped ignite in the community.

Philanthropy meets Community in Action

Faith DoyleAs supporters of the Western Women’s Business Center, YWCA, and OnTrack, a sponsor of Power of the Purse and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce Woman Entrepreneur, as well as members and sponsors of Women United through United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, both Webb and Doyle are true active and engaged in Western North Carolina’s female-centered financial empowerment spaces. Don’t miss the opportunity to allow them to assist you in ‘Doing Well While Doing Good.’

“We’re looking at some of the generational changes. For instance, my grandmother and mom, what they went through from a money standpoint and how it was to Laura and myself and the generations just below me. Women are the future. The numbers are there. We just have to take it and run with it,” shares Doyle. Register to reserve your seat in ‘Doing Well While Doing Good’.