Faculty Learn the Community School Strategy Together at A.C. Reynolds Middle School


Our most recent community school to adopt the community school strategy and welcome us into their Rocket family is A.C. Reynolds Middle and we couldn't be more excited. 

Reynolds Middle Principal Stanley Wheless connected with us last summer as our Community School Coordinator Corry Hyde began creating a space in the school, meeting teachers and school faculty during the challenging transition in COVID. He wanted to ensure all A.C. Reynolds staff could learn the ropes of their transition in building a Community School. Together we embarked on a year-long professional learning development series doing just that, reading the book Community Schools: People and Places Transforming Education and Community. "I really want my entire faculty to have a solid foundation around the how and purpose in creating an effective community school together," he shared.

Reynolds staff participated in bi-monthly sessions throughout the school year-- learning the foundational elements and four pillars of effective community schools, exploring what it means to be a teacher in a community school and diving into specific strategies to encourage and uplift student and parent voice and leadership.

Reynolds Staff Share Ideas to Strengthen Their Community School 

  • "I can keep exploring ways to engage families who speak other languages than English."
  • "I can continue to encourage student leadership through the Student Leadership Committee."
  • "I can keep an open mind and further my reading and understanding of growing a partnership school."
  • "I can create a better, more open, and positive line of communication with my students' parents."
  • "I can find ways to implement community building circles inside and outside the classroom and help students learn to lead them."
  • "I can assist in facilitating my students' ability to have a voice in our school and in our community."

We at United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County look forward to furthering a deep and lasting with Reynolds Middle as they continue to learn and thrive as a community school.

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