Meet the New Women United Co-Chairs



We are pleased to announce that Beth Benzing will be joining our team as the new Leadership Giving Manager. In her new role, Beth will serve as the primary staff contact for both Women United and Peaks Society. Her start date is May 7th.

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Beth received her B.A. in English and Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies from the University of South Carolina. She is currently completing her Master's in Public Administration at Clemson University, where she has served as an Associate Director of Development since 2016. 

Beth's passion for philanthropy has taken her from grassroots nonprofits to higher-education fundraising, and she's eager to roll up her sleeves and get to work on behalf of her new community!

Beth's greatest loves are her husband, Brandon; their 8-month old son, Samuel; and their Springer Spaniel, Zelda. Please join us in welcoming Beth to the United Way family!


We will be holding our Women United Spring Social in late May and the annual Leadership Giving Appreciation Reception in June. Stay tuned for more information!


Women United is a diverse, vibrant community within United Way, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to each other, the organization’s mission and to the local community. It’s members don’t stand by; they lead efforts to build stronger communities.

With this in mind, we offer a heartfelt thank you to Ann Ray, Chair of the Women United Executive Committee, for her leadership and guidance over the past two years. Thank you, Ann for showing us what strong women can do to bring about positive change in our community. 

And while it makes us sad to see Ann step down as Chair, we’re also very excited to introduce the Women United membership to its new Co-Chairs: Ashley Smith and Jenny Boyer. A Women United member since 2010, Ashley is a CPA and partner at Dixon Hughes Goodman.  Jenny has been a member of Women United since 2012, and is an Associate practicing law at The Van Winkle Law Firm.
We couldn’t be more thrilled to have these two at the helm and are excited to see what the future has in store. We took a few minutes to sit down with Jenny and Ashley to discuss what makes them tick.

Why do you both volunteer and give to United Way?

Ashley: I volunteer and give to United Way because I support the mission: United People, Improve Lives and Strengthen Community. Also, I feel the organization is transparent about how contributions are used and I feel like I have a good understanding of how the contributions are used to support the mission.
Jenny: The United Way has a unique ability to cross boundaries between many non-profits and service sectors to reach and help the most people in our community. 

What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

Jenny: My car stalled out (completely dead) on my way to a required oral argument “test” in law school and the tow truck driver dropped me off at the law school first, totally out of the way, before taking the car into the shop so I wouldn’t miss my time (though luckily I had built in a big cushion by leaving really early from home!)
Ashley: Just a couple of weeks ago I had a client send me a hand-written thank you note on nice stationary for taking her to dinner and I will not forget that. Don’t underestimate the impact of hand-written thank-you notes!

What makes someone a hero?

Ashley: A hero is someone who take the time to advocate for people who can’t advocate for themselves. 
Jenny: Stepping up when they know they can.

What activities make you lose track of time? 

Jenny: Painting.
Ashely: Hanging out with family and friends.

What’s something new you recently learned about yourselves?

Ashley: I enjoy relaxing and having no plans!
Jenny: I’m liking this stand-up desk trend.

What three questions do you wish you know the answers to?

Jenny: Without getting too philosophical: Who let the dogs out? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? What’s eating Gilbert Grape?
Ashley: How did we get here; What should my children pursue in life to find happiness; How can we cure certain diseases.

What is the best advice you can offer to young women and young men as they start their careers? 

Ashley: If you are passionate about something then try to pursue that because you will naturally do well if you love something and are able to give it 100% each day.
Jenny: you can’t plan everything — just plan on finding some fun along the way!