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Today launches the third Middle School Success public awareness campaign by United Way. 

Why raise awareness of middle school?

Have you even been in middle school or junior high school?  Do you remember the awkwardness and confusion of that time?  Do you remember thinking that your parents, teachers or other adults just don’t get it?  The public awareness campaign is intended to remind the adults in this community that we were there once ourselves and that we need to support and encourage youth in our community who are dealing with the middle school years.

What does the campaign do?

The Middle School Happens to Everyone campaign shows adults in awkward middle school situations.  It is a way for people to share their own experiences.  It also offers contests and games, screensavers, posters, billboards and radio spots – all designed to interest a variety of people young and old.

How can I get involved?

If you are on Facebook or Twitter:

  • Like and share posts made on the MSS Facebook page throughout the campaign (ends May 31) on your personal page
  • Write your own posts about the campaign on your personal page or make positive comments on the MSS Facebook page
  • Tweet about it and link back to the MSS Facebook page contest tab

Also, you can:

  1. Check out the ads in the MtnX each week and in the Asheville Citizen-Times on May 5. There will also be radio and billboards up soon.
  2. Tell folks about the Middle School Happens to Everyone screensavers, which can be downloaded here. This is a fun way to engage your workplace, as some of them will install screensavers on their workstations.

The intent is to make the campaign fun and generate buzz for middle school.  It builds on the first campaign which was “You Need the Middle” and the second campaign which was “Where are They Now?” featuring individuals who were successful despite the difficulty of those middle school years.

Show kids you care by sharing your own experiences.


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