Student Experiences: Aiden Scott Harrison


Amongst the shuffle of after-school activities, we found Aiden Harrison, a young student with a vibrant spirit and a reservoir of creativity. Playing outside in the midst of the River Link after-school program, Aiden eagerly shared his insights on the significance of extracurricular activities and the role adults play in shaping the lives of students beyond the classroom.

“My real-life superpower is that I’m creative. I can imagine stuff that could help in situations,” Aiden proudly said. Evident in the hat he was wearing, which he proudly proclaimed he had made himself. This creativity and ability to envision solutions underscores the importance of nurturing their potential outside of traditional academic settings.




For Aiden, after school programs are more than just a way to fill the hours between the last bell and dinner. “After School programs mean I get to learn more and have more experience for things in the future,” he explained. These programs offer avenues for exploration, where students can delve into passions, discover new talents, and develop essential life skills that extend far beyond the confines of textbooks.


Yet, amid the excitement of exploration, Aiden shared a sobering reflection on the challenges many students face. “I wish adults understood more about bullying situations. I wish it was easier to talk about stuff like that,” he expressed. In this candid moment, Aiden shed light on the importance of creating safe spaces where students feel empowered to voice their concerns and seek support without fear of judgment.

When asked about what support means to him, Aiden's response was simple yet profound. “Support means to help and find a solution to the stuff we [the students] bring up,” he articulated. It's a reminder that support goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it entails active engagement and a commitment to addressing the needs and challenges facing our youth. 

As we reflect on Aiden's words, it's clear that listening to student voices is not just a noble endeavor but a necessity. It's a call to action for all of us to pause, listen, and truly hear the experiences and perspectives of the young people in our communities. Listen to the stories, the dreams, and the concerns of our youth. Reflect on the ways you or your network can show up in their lives, whether through mentorship, advocacy, or simply lending a compassionate ear. 



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