Student Experiences: Ellis Walker

If you were to go on a tour of Asheville Middle School, you may be graced with Ellis Walker as your tour guide. The 13-year-old, 7th grader is an excellent student who often shows adults and students around Asheville Middle School (AMS) so they can hear a student's perspective. Walker is also highly involved in many aspects of Asheville Middle School.




“I was the manager for the soccer team and this year I played for the volleyball team." said Walker, "I am planning on trying out for the soccer team this year. And I’m in Battle of the Books. Being in those after-school things helped me feel more involved with the school and what's happening.”

Ellis does know what is happening at the school; her ability to take on various roles in AMS, per the Community School Pillar of Collaborative Leadership and Practices, has helped her find a welcoming community. However, Ellis’s high level of engagement also allows her to speak to the workload an engaged student faces. “We have a bunch of school work now,” said Walker when asked about what middle school is like in 2024,   “The kids are just trying their best. The teachers will push us because they want us to do our best but people have other things going on too.” 


Ellis discussed that the pressure of school and external life can differ for each student. She said, “My friends and I; we are all very happy people but I know that sometimes it can be hard just being in middle school.” However, because of the high level of Enriched Learning Time and leadership practices Ellis takes part in, she is aware of many of the supports AMS and their partners provide.





“I personally think we have a bunch of great resources just that kids and families can use and if we could spread that more into the community it would be better.” 


Both the community and resources that Ellis experiences at AMS, must work together to expand the reach to the families, surrounding neighborhoods, and organizations of the student. This leans into the Community School model to transform our local schools into district-wide hubs of service to ensure all students learn, grow, and thrive.



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