Supporting Students Through Learning Pods


YMCA Learning Pod Offers Safe Space for Students 

While students and families are shifting gears this school year to keep themselves safe as we continue to face COVID-19 together, our organization is doing the same in meeting the community's needs through this time. Our Community Schools Homework Diner program was not able to move forward in the same format this year in the school cafeteria with community partners, serving students and families a warm meal with homework support and fellowship. So, we reached out to our community partners in each Community School district to shift funding to support Learning Pods offering similar support services safely through this school year.

These photos share an afternoon at the YMCA Horizons Learning Pod. This pod is a full-day remote learning pod currently open to middle-school students at Owen and Enka Middle Schools through referral from the student's school counselor. It is currently open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7:30am-5:30pm. 

"We are extremely thankful as an organization to be able to partner with the United Way and offer a safe and enriching learning environment for students during this time," shares YMCA Horizons Program Director Chante Freeman. Our staff has worked extremely hard to be able to provide this service to the community, and we are so grateful that it has been such a relief to so many families, caregivers, and community members. We are happy to continue to help students succeed in their remote learning experience."