Top 3 United Way News Articles of 2017

This time of year we humans are compelled to look back and assess what was important and determine how we want to move forward. Looking at our top 3 News stories here are the ones that rose to the top, and some updates since we first published:


3. Breaking News: Early Warning and Response System

March 2017 - Announcement regarding the official launch of our new Early Warning and Response System. Included in this news item is a short video outlining the features of this new tool.

UPDATE: Since this article, we've put the Early Warning and Response System in place and this year 7 local schools and 12 nonprofits are either actively using the tool or are about to start. The tool will allow quicker identification of students who are falling off course and allows for better connections to parents and community resources that can help.


2. Governor Cooper Visits Homework Diner 

April 2017 - In celebration of National Volunteer Week, Governor Roy Cooper came to Enka Middle School to see how our Homework Diners were going and if there was any way to replicate this effort in other communities across NC. Included in this news item are links to local media coverage of the event.

UPDATE: Since November of 2016 we've held more than 74 Homework Diners and served more than 3,000 individuals (490 families). The kids served weren't just from the 3 middle schools where the Diners are held. In fact attendence records show that 36 schools were represented which is exactly what we wanted to see. And another bonus, most individuals attended at least two sessions. 


1. Kickoff Really Was Epic!

September 2017 - Nine teams competed for a glorious trophy and insane bragging rights in order to help us kick off our fall fundraising campaign. This news article has all the video clips of local friends lip syncing their way to stardom in one spot.

UPDATE: After this high energy kickoff, our staff and 8 Campaign Associates hit the ground running, connecting with more than 30,000 people and 240 local businesses across Buncombe County. We're getting close to our goal of raising more than $4.2 million dollars, but we'll need your help to get there. If you haven't contributed, you can do so right now - make a one time gift or set up a recurring donation right here.