From Chance Encounter to Lasting Commitment: Trevor's UWABC Journey

When Trevor Scarborough stepped into the United for Youth Block Party in 2022 as a volunteer, little did he know that he was embarking on a path that would weave him into the heart of the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County (UWABC). Over the course of almost a year, Trevor's commitment to volunteerism at UWABC deepened unexpectedly, fueled by a serendipitous search for National Honors Society-required volunteer hours in 2023.

Trevor's connection with UWABC was rekindled when he stumbled upon the annual School Supply Drive on the UWABC-backed volunteer website, Hands On Asheville Buncombe. The prospect of sorting and packing over 2,000 backpacks ignited his enthusiasm, prompting him to sign up for multiple shifts without hesitation. His infectious positivity became a driving force during the 2023 School Supply Drive Pack and Sort event, capturing the attention and respect of the many United Way staff who had also shown up to help. He swiftly evolved into a pivotal volunteer, actively collaborating with UWABC to guide and support fellow volunteers throughout the event.

"I like volunteering,” said Scarborough, “and volunteering with United Way is especially great. All the events they do are really nice for the community, and they help people my age, which I really like.”




However, Trevor’s journey with UWABC didn’t end at the 2023 Pack and Sort event. Coming full circle- Scarborough volunteered once again at the 2023 Block Party- the same event which brought him into the network of UWABC, to begin with. This year, Trevor signed up to help for the entire day- at a 10-hour shift. He even stayed after his volunteer shift was completed to enjoy the day's festivities. But before he left, Trevor- who is now recognized by almost all of the UWABC staff- made sure to let Audrey Blackburn, UWABC Volunteer Engagement Manager, know that he will be keeping an eye out for more volunteer events. Above and beyond, which is typical fashion for this fantastic youth volunteer, Scarborough offered his email and encouraged multiple UWABC staff to contact him if an urgent need for helping hands ever arose. This newfound sense of loyalty and ownership Scarborough feels toward UWABC has grown because of UWABC's high level of commitment to connecting volunteers to experiences that best suit their talents and interests.

“It's nice that I’ve come so much,” said Scarborough, “and they [the staff at United Way] like me so much it's nice to have a place and volunteer group in Asheville.”

Our whole staff deeply appreciates the heartfelt sentiments expressed by Trevor Scarborough regarding his experience with the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County's (UWABC) Hands On Asheville Buncombe website. Trevor's enthusiasm and dedication truly exemplify the remarkable impact that volunteering through this platform can have on both individuals and the community at large. As we strive to foster a spirit of togetherness and service, Trevor's words remind us of the profound connections that can be forged through volunteerism. We encourage everyone to follow in Trevor's footsteps and explore the countless opportunities available on the Hands On Asheville Buncombe website, where you can not only contribute your time and skills but also become an integral part of a vibrant and welcoming volunteer community. Just as Trevor has found a place of belonging and purpose, we believe you can also discover the joy of making a meaningful difference while building lasting relationships.


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