What is Campaign?

Campaign season will be upon us soon — and with it, a whirlwind of events, socials, and informational meetings. We wanted to share a bit about the important players and moving parts that make it all possible.
The Employee Workplace Campaign gives local businesses and organizations — from mom and pop shops to the largest employers in Buncombe County — the opportunity to fight for the education, health and financial stability of our community by supporting the work of United Way.
Each workplace tackles Campaign in different ways; from simply writing checks to hosting golf tournaments or throwing elaborate theme-based employee parties. Throughout Campaign, organizations and businesses find creative and fun ways of getting involved and making an impact to shape our community for the better. 
But no matter how they choose to get involved, all proceeds raised during Campaign help us:
  • Maintain a robust call-center, 2-1-1, that connects our neighbors 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the vital, sometimes life-saving resources they need, when they need them;
  • Build a strong network of partnerships and support for students, families and our community through the Community School Strategy  and our middle School Success work; 
  • Cultivate a vibrant community volunteer center (Hands On Asheville-Buncombe) where thousands of volunteers are provided with opportunities to support the community;
  • Continue to invest in the work of more than 30 high-quality, local non-profits that are tackling crucial issues in the areas of education, income and health through our Community Partner Grants and Contracts.


  1. The workplace and individuals — Owners, managers and CEOs from hundreds of businesses along with thousands of individuals make up a base of nearly 8,000 donors who make a significant impact every campaign — helping to improve the education, income and health of the Asheville community. We like to say that LIVE UNITED is more than just a catchy phrase, It’s a call to action and these companies, organizations and individuals step up, year-in and year-out.
  2. Campaign Cabinet — The Campaign Cabinet are a group of individuals from local businesses and organizations who volunteer their time to be responsible for the overall direction and success of Campaign. This year's Campaign Cabinet includes individuals representing a wide variety of local businesses:
  • Julie Smith (Campaign Chair), Beverly-Hanks & Associates
  • Jeff Switzer, UPS
  • Ashley Smith, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
  • Jennifer Boyer, The Van Winkle Law Firm
  • Delise Talley, Entegra Bank
  • Robby Russell, PNC Bank
  • Leah Mayberry, Johnson Price Sprinkle P.A.
  • Perry Hendrix, First Bank
  • Elizabeth Britton, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
  • Stephen Shoaf, Retired
  • William Durr, Ward and Smith, P.A.
  • Tige Hopper, AssuredPartners NL
  • Hilary Davenport, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
  1. Campaign Associates — A central part of Campaign, Associates are seasonal employees (sometimes on loan from local businesses and organizations supporting United Way), who serve as Campaign organizers, helping to educate individuals on the importance of our work.


The foundation of Campaign is COMMUNITY — how do we engage the COMMUNITY through the Campaign process? 
  1. Workplace Campaign — We are able to spread the word about our work because hundreds of employers allow us to tell our story to their team members. Their employees value the convenience of payroll deduction, volunteer projects, community resources, or a chance to expand their leadership skills on a United Way committee/board. In addition, workplace campaigns foster team spirit and boost morale. The experience helps employees to gain and strengthen leadership, strategic planning, and other skills needed to increase productivity.
  2. Online Giving — The opportunity to support the community exists year round and for those who don't work at a job that runs a United Way Campaign. Anyone can join the fight for a stronger community by heading over to our website and making an investment through the easy Donate Now button.
  3. Giving Societies and Affinity Groups — The people who join our Affinity Groups and Giving Societies have a deep commitment to helping people. Commonly referred to as Leadership Giving, nearly 900 people invest $1000+ annually and join other like-minded individuals in fellowship to improve the community together. These Giving Societies and Affinity Groups include:

KICKOFF: September 21 | Highland Brewing

Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations support United Way’s annual Employee Workplace Campaign. The official start to Campaign season begins with our annual Campaign Kickoff event. This year’s event will be held at Highland Brewing on September, 21. We’re upping our game this year — we’re adding an 80s twist to the incredible lip-sync contest. This year's performers will lip-sync to their favorite 80s tunes and all attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite 80s attire. This one promises to be an instant classic. Keep an eye out for more information in the near future.