Buncombe County


As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

  • Prioritize education within Buncombe County's strategic plan, including the following goals and objectives:
    • Increase kindergarten readiness.
      • Attract, develop and retain early childhood teachers.
      • Increase the percentage of kindergartners entering public school who demonstrate proficiency.
      • Increase the percent of children ages 0-5 served by high-quality licensed care.
    • Increase third-grade literacy rates, especially among underperforming students.
      • Strengthen relationships among educational partners.
      • Reduce racial disparities in student achievement.
    • Improve college and career readiness.
      • Increase digital resource training to area educators and students.
      • Increase vocational and technical training for high school-aged students.
      • Support initiatives that support full option graduation (workforce, vocational, or college/university readiness).
  • Align organizational initiatives with United for Youth Network goals and create linkages across Buncombe County focus areas: Educated & Capable Community; Vibrant Economy: Resident Well-Being; and Environmental & Energy Stewardship.
  • Participate in collaborative Results Based Accountability work, and adopt shared data/evaluation principles, practices, and measures as appropriate.
  • Participate in United for Youth's Cross Sector Leadership Team.
  • Participate in United for Youth workgroups as feasible, including School and Community Partners network convenings.
  • Promote systems, policies, and practices that support equity for all people and an organizational culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.
  • Deliver and coordinate public services that support a vibrant, healthy, and connected community, such as Affordable Housing; Elections; Food & Nutrition; Economic Development; Justice Resources; Libraries; Public Health; Public Safety; Recreation; Social Work; and more. 
  • Budget annual general funds in support of education, including early childhood; K-12, community college, and educational support grants to community-based organizations.