Creative Peacemakers


As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

St. George’s Episcopal Church After-School Program at Deaverview Apartments

  • Expand advisory council to include family and community members (especially important to include people of color from the neighborhood).
  • Enlist program volunteers from Deaverview Apartment Community (including BIPOC people).
  • Increase involvement of parents/families and provide regular communication, newsletters, and meetings about the program.
  • Develop program/staff evaluation instruments and begin implementation.
  • Continue training for staff in resiliency resources/tools and equity education.
  • Engage several similar programs in using Creative Peacemaker curriculum through sharing the Tool Kit with the purpose of improvement of the curriculum.
  • Work with Asheville Housing Authority as appropriate in the development of a plan for the Purpose-Built Community in the Deaverview neighborhood.
  • Continue to work with Read to Succeed, Children 1st CIS, and Johnston Elementary to provide opportunities for improving academic skills as well as social and emotional resilience.