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The world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. Planes. Hospitals. Factories. Data Centers. Vehicles. The electrical grid. these are things people depend on every day. And the companies behind them depend on us to help solve some of the toughest power management challenges on the planet. At Eaton, we're dedicated to improving people's lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable. We're a power management company, but more importantly, what we do improves the quality of life and the environment. Our products, technologies, and services make a difference in the world!

Global Eaton employs over 92,000 employees and we do business in more than 175 countries. Our energy-efficient products and services help our customers effectively manage electrical and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

Locally, we have 2 facilities in the Asheville area (Arden and Avery Creek) and we are approaching 1,500 employees with continued growth at both locations! Eaton has been a part of the Asheville community dating back to 1977 when the facility originally launched as Westinghouse Electric. Over the years, Eaton has continued to be a major employer and contributor to the Asheville area. 

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When we support our local communities, we support our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. We encourage community involvement, believing that doing so creates healthy, sustainable communities and business facilities. 

We strive to help the communities in which we operate become vibrant places to live and work. We serve many communities around the world, and our employees' skills and ideas are a reflection of them. We are proud to be active participants in our local communities, and our ultimate goal is to bring tangible and sustainable benefits to the places in which we live and work around the world. 

By encouraging each and every employee at Eaton to think differently about our business and our communities we are able to make a positive impact on the world. Our employees recognize the impact we are able to make within our local communities and are heavily involved in our outreach both financially and with volunteer hours. 



In 1915, Joseph O. Eaton, the company's founder, together with other community leaders, championed the Cleveland Federation for Charity and Philanthropy — an organization that eventually become United Way. since that time, Eaton has partnered with United Way in holding workforce donation campaigns throughout the United States.

Eaton has a long history of supporting its communities through charitable giving of financial support and volunteer hours. To support this, Eaton's employees in the United States have an opportunity to participate in local United Way campaigns. 

Our partnership with United Way goes back to the very early days of Eaton and now spans 100 years. Our employees continue to be among the most generous, and combined with corporate matches, contributions to United Way regularly total more than $7 million each year. 

Because of the generosity of our employees, Eaton is recognized as a Global Corporate Partner with United Way Worldwide, a distinction only the top 200 fundraising companies reach.




“Coming back to Eaton’s culture”, said McDonald, “we want the communities we live in to be vibrant, I think we can bring a lot of ideas and skills into local communities to help work with them to make them better.” For Eaton and UWABC, one of the first steps to continuing to support the vibrant and diverse communities within the county is ensuring that their internal community has the opportunity to volunteer and engage in meaningful ways.


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Your business is stronger and can accomplish greater things when our community is strong and people thrive. As a sponsor of United Way you can accelerate that vision. 

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