Elisabeth Bocklet

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I've worked in the nonprofit sector in this community since the early 1990s after graduating from Warren Wilson College. My partner and I have been together for over 20 years and currently have two, four-legged furries and tons of nieces and nephews.

Give us a glimpse into your role at United Way. How do you help us fulfill our mission? What are you most excited about accomplishing as a team?

As honored as I am to see firsthand how many people love this community and give their all to help others, I am equally devastated by how many of our neighbors are still struggling to get by. 

As the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, I feel an incredible responsibility to make sure that we tell stories about our work and the issues we are tackling in a way that doesn't reinforce painful or unhelpful narratives. 

At the end of the day, I want our work to help people feel uplifted, enlightened, and connected after they read something our team has written or after attending an event we've held. I want them to feel like they have it in them to step outside their comfort zones and meet someone new

What’s your favorite thing about our community?

What do I love about this community? Well, there's our mountains and our rivers that soothe the soul but there are the people too. There's a spirit of "we've got this" among our neighbors. It never fails that when someone asks "hey can someone help us with x" there's almost always a reply of "yes!"

What would we find you doing when you aren’t at work?

ooh, I picked up my pen and ink recently and I'm super excited. I also love gardening, genealogy, knitting, and my dogs.