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Highlands Circle is a network of compassionate leaders under the age of 40 leveraging their time and talents to co-create opportunities for every person in our community to live free from poverty and injustice. Designed to further philanthropy and volunteerism in our community's emerging leaders, Highlands Circle recognizes young leaders who invest in the Live United Fund annually. 

Highlands Circle connects its members to United Way's work and provides them with opportunities to elevate student success, support families, and engage communities throughout Buncombe County.


Joining is easy. Passionate about investing in and connecting with our community? Those who are under the age of 40 and invest a meaningful annual gift to the Live United Fund qualify.

  • Donate to the Live United Fund by making a gift through your workplace campaign, by mail, have us set up any of the billing options below, or give now online and indicate your interest in Highlands Circle. 
  • We offer payroll deduction, credit card, bank draft, and paper billing options, and can do so on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • For detailed information about Highlands Circle, please contact Ella Pullman828.239.1046.

And be sure to connect with us on Facebook

We want you to be an active participant and bring prospective members with you. Our benefits mirror your requests, so get ready to take your personal and professional life to the next level. 

  • Networking and volunteer opportunities;
  • Nonprofit committee and possible Board experience;
  • Joint events with Leadership Givers; and
  • Year-round communications detailing the great work accomplished by members.

Committee Members

  • Jessie Goodwin, Chair - Modera Wealth Management

  • Dakota Owenby - Insurance Service of Asheville, Inc. 

  • Kyle El Homsi - Irene Wortham Center

  • Sydney Cole - YWCA

  • Lindsey Cotner - Irene Wortham Center

  • Megan Steward - United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County

    “I support United Way because the organization takes a big-picture approach to serving our community. United Way’s ability to bring people and organizations together to collaborate on bold community goals makes it an excellent backbone organization. I am honored to support United Way through Highland’s Circle, an affinity group made up of enthusiastic young professionals in Asheville and Buncombe County to connect and serve in our thriving community.”

    --Jessie Goodwin, Highlands Circle Committee Chair

July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Ms. Heidi Adams
Yelstin J. Aguilar
Jarrett Allton
Nikki Ammons
Brett Amos
Mr. Phillip J. Anders
Jake Arbusto
Genesis Argueta-Guardado
Brandon Baird
Mr. Sam S. Baker
Ms. Erin K. Bee
Mrs. Corie K. Bell
Mrs. Taylor M. Bell
Michelle Bennett
Lisa M. Berry
Joshua Blackwood
Ms. Ashley Blankenship
Andrew R. Boell
Ms. Polly A. Bolding
Ms. Victoria K. Boles
Ms. Jessica D. Bosshard
Erin Bowers
Travis and Jenny Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. James Bradley
Mr. Hayden A. Bradley
David Breske
Mrs. Carrie Parker Brinkley
Liz and Todd Britton
Grant Brown
Ms. Lauren C. Brown
Ryan and Victoria Calvert
Mr. James A. Carr
Mr. Antonio Carson
Jorge Chacon Valles
Ms. Amber Demos Chivers
Mr. Donald Lee Coats
Marilyn and Michael Cortes
Hilary Davenport
Clayton Davis
Ms. Christina A. Demorgoli
Valentina Stepanovna Derrick
Ichaya Dhungel
David Dial
Mr. Jorge J. Diaz
Andrew Q. Dillingham
Mr. Matthew W. Donohue
Elisabeth Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Dotson
Kendall Ducker
James Duncan
Mr. Trevor Dupont
Zachary D. Dylan
Mr. Joe Fowler
Ms. Shaina Frady
Jerry Frisbee
Jason Gaddy
Mr. Sean P. Gaffney
Teresa Galvantorres
Mr. Kyle Garrett
Jakima Gaskins
Holli Gautier
Mr. Jeremy M. Giambrone
Sarah Giavedoni
Andy Gmitter
Jessie Goodwin
Sean Grasty
Mrs. Michelle N. Grasty-Colont
Mr. Andrew W. Greene
Matt Groome
Mrs. Christian R. Grunder
Ms. Alma R. Guardian
Mr. Dylan Austin Hallyburton
Mr. Brandon L. Hargis
Terry Harrell
Ms. Maggie L. Harvin
Mr. Hunter Harwood
Ms. Vicky S. Haskell
Mr. John T. Hickman
Mr. Ryan T. Hinman
Mrs. Holly Marlene Hobbs
Mr. Reuben Hollifield
Mr. Matt Hyder
Malorie and Will Irwin

Adam Jones
Josh Keel
Morgan F. Kohout
John-Peter Kokkinos
Jesus Lara
Mr. Avery A. Ledford
Mr. Jeffrey A. Ledford
Michael Lindsey
Ms. Caroline E. Long
Christopher Lynch
Ximena Maldonado Gomez
Taylor Malloy
Ms. Autum P. Martin
Dustin Marusak
Mr. Ricky A. Mathis
Amber McCleerey
Jackson McCollum
Ms. Blair V. Meeks
Sam Mello
Dr. Kasee E. Metcalf
Brittany T. Mitchell
Mrs. Kerry G. Moffat
Floyd Moffitt
Mr. Geraldy Mompoint
Nick Money
Audrey Mullins
Eric Murdock
Dakota L. Murray
Mr. Spencer Nay
Ben Nelson
Heath Nettles
Ms. Ashley B. Newton
Ms. Sarah Paige Nicholson
Tamara Olmedo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Onderlinde
Ms. Elizabeth Eads Parker
James C. Parker
Mrs. Laura I. Parks
Mr. Brian Michael Parton
Paige Peterson
Alison Pettigrew
Mr. Destiny Jacob Phillips
Mr. Elijah R. Poulos
Ryan Power
Kyle Ramser
Mr. Steven Blake Ray
Ms. Tanieka LaShay Ray
Ms. Rachel Kate Reaves
Justine L. Redden
Angel Reece
Mr. Jonathan Erik Reems
Ms. Jaclyn Reiselt
Miguel Resendez
Kia S. Rice
Elizabeth Rice
Lacey Riddle
Mr. David Roberts
Mr. Andrew Dale Robertson
Mr. Aaron D. Robinson
Ms. Rocio Robles
Emily Rogers
Jared Rogers
Mr. Jonathan D. Rogers
Ryan Rohwer

Jose Romero
Ms. Kelly M. Rose
Lucy Rountree
Alexander Ruiz
Mrs. Christina D. Sanders
Ms. Kathleen K. Sandlin
Mr. Zachary J. Sanfilippo
Juan L. Saylor
Audrey Schoenbachler
Aaron Schroeder
Mr. Billy E. Schweig
Mr. Justin Scott
John Shook
Mr. Aleksandr Shostak
Cam Sluder
Ms. Danielle M. Smith
Mrs. Misty Dawn Smith
Rachel Sossoman
Ann Marie Sparks
Colby Stamey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stamey
Elizabeth E. Staten
Bart Steen
Brittany Stephens
Austin Stinnette
Mr. Spencer B. Stone
Mr. Anand Sur
Mr. Stanley Earl Surrett
Mr. William Sweet
Mr. James Robert Taffer
Brenda and Mike Thomas
Charles and Lindsay Thompson
Ash Devin Timmons
Lilly Tipton
Mr. David Wayne Turner
Stephen Vargo
Nicole and Jacob Vertel
Tony J. VunCannon
Ms. Melissa A. Wagner
Mr. LeRoyce Takem Walker
Joshua Wallin
Mr. Ben Walters
Hannah Webber
Mr. Joshua Wells
Mr. Benjamin D. West
Molly and John Whatley
Heather Wingert
Mr. Micah B. Wohlford
Mr. B. C. Wright
Mrs. JoAnne Wright
Ms. Whitney E. Wright
and 4 Anonymous Donors