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Young Leaders
Making an Impact

Highlands Circle is a network of compassionate leaders under the age of 40 leveraging their time and talents to co-create opportunities for every person in our community to live free from poverty and injustice. Designed to further philanthropy and volunteerism in our community's emerging leaders, Highlands Circle recognizes young leaders who invest in the Live United Fund annually. 

Highlands Circle connects its members to United Way's work and provides them with opportunities to elevate student success, support families, and engage communities throughout Buncombe County.


Joining is easy. Passionate about investing in and connecting with our community? Those who are under the age of 40 and invest a meaningful annual gift to the Live United Fund qualify.

  • Donate to the Live United Fund by making a gift through your workplace campaign, by mail, have us set up any of the billing options below, or give now online and indicate your interest in Highlands Circle. 
  • We offer payroll deduction, credit card, bank draft, and paper billing options, and can do so on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • For detailed information about Highlands Circle, please contact Kris Dionne828.239.1049. 

And be sure to connect with us on Facebook

We want you to be an active participant and bring prospective members with you. Our benefits mirror your requests, so get ready to take your personal and professional life to the next level. 

  • Networking and volunteer opportunities;
  • Nonprofit committee and possible Board experience;
  • Joint events with Leadership Givers; and
  • Year-round communications detailing the great work accomplished by members.

Committee Members

  • Hilary Davenport, Chair - FORVIS
  • Melody King - King Family Law
  • Rachel Dudasik - Wicked Weed
  • Kelly Larouche - Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP
  • Jessie Goodwin - Parsec Financial

Brittany C. Adams
Ashley Allen
Jarrett Allton
Brett Amos
Phillip Anders
Jacqueline Anderson
Brenda Angel
Brianne Arnott
Corey Atkins
Cole Austin
Sarah Austin
Zachary Bailey
Bristin Barnes
Sara Barrier
Erin Bee
Jordan and Taylor Bell
Michelle Bennett
Tim and Amy Bibby
Daniel Biddix
Karen and Daniel Billings
Joshua Blackwood
Heath and Paige Blankenship
Christopher Blaylock
Gavin Blevins
Justin Blythe
Brianna C. Bobo
Polly Bolding
Rachael Bouthillette
Erin Bowers
Travis and Jenny Boyer
Carmen Bradley
David Breske
Carrie Brinkley
Liz and Todd Britton
April Brown
Grant Brown
Mishey Butler
Kristin Caison
Ryan and Victoria Calvert
Alex Carr
Antonio Carson
Jorge Chacon Valles
Susy Chandler
Donald Coats
Astrid Coffey
Samantha Cole
Michael Colombo
Kirsten L. Cone
Marilyn and Michael Cortes
Jeff and Susan Covington
Nancy and Paul Craig
Chris Crawford
Nancy Critcher-White
Hilary Davenport
Clayton Davis
Nichole Davis
Sara Deleon
Suzanna Dellinger
The deVerges Family
Ichaya Dhungel
Jorge Diaz
Nick and Kris Dionne
Terria Dionne
Elisabeth Donovan
Heidi DuBose Fore
James Duncan
Trevor Dupont
Tatyana Fesyuk
Joe Fowler
Shaina Frady
Stephanie Franklin
Sean Gaffney
Teresa Galvan-Torres
Kyle Garrett
Jakima Gaskins

Jason Gast and Valerie True
Jeremy Giambrone
Sarah Giavedoni
Bryanna Gibbs
Andy Gmitter
Grayson Godley
Zack Goldman
Julie Goodman
Jessie Goodwin
Michelle Grasty-Colont
Laura Greene
George Groome
Matt Groome
Christian Grunder
Anna Grimes Hammerbeck
Maggie Harvin
Hunter Harwood
Rachel Herrick
John Hickman
Ryan Hinman
Holly Hobbs
Ronnie and Mandy Holbert
Reuben Hollifield
Karolina Hopkins
Tige Hopper
Michele Torino Hower and Layton Hower
Ashley Huggins
Ellen Hughes
Matt Hyder
Malorie and Will Irwin
Alice Jenkins
Aletha and Lyle Johnson
Adam Jones
Arminda Joseph
Aimee Joyce
Jessica Juergens
Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel
Michelle Keith
Wilma Keller
Kimberly Kelley
Jared Kilgore
Morgan Kohout
John-Peter Kokkinos
John Kubis
Billy Lang
Kelly Larouche
Michael Ledane
Avery Ledford
Courtney Lewis
Jeffrey Littrell
Rebecca Loli
Ryan Love
Caitlin Lowe
Gabe Luther
Julie Maimes
Taylor Malloy
Michael Manning
Autum Martin
Luis Martinez
Leah Mayberry
Amber McCleerey
Anne McClintic
Jackson McCollum
Amber McFee
Jacob Medford
Noah Medina
Chris Moody
Megan Morgan
Spencer Nay
Ben Nelson
Heath Nettles
Ashley Newton
Emma Olson

Joshua Olvera
Jennifer Owens
Elizabeth Parker
Johnathan Parrish
Brian Parton
Sam Peterson
Alison Pettigrew
Elijah Poulos
Maia Price
Christopher Rainwater
Kyle Ramser
Hannah Randall
Dakota Rathbone
Rachel Reaves
Jonathan Reems
Levonia B. Reese
Julie Reis
Jaclyn Reiselt
Mike Resendez
Tyler Rhew
Courtney Riley
Olivia Roach
Amy Roberts
David Roberts
Andrew Robertson
Cody Robinson
Jacob Robinson
Jonathan Rogers
Ryan Rohwer
Jose Romero
Lucy Rountree
John M. Rozier, Jr.
Alexander Ruiz
David Salas
Eli Samuels
Mark R. and Tara G. Scholtz
John Schrock
Billy Schweig
Justin Scott
Krisma Sellers
Aleksandr Shostak
Ashley and Keith Smith
Danielle Smith
Misty Smith
Simone and Aaron Snook
Rachel Sossoman
Ann Marie Sparks
Samantha Spears
Daniel Sprouse
Jacob Staley
Richard and Haley Stamey
Elizabeth Staten
Amanda Sterwerf
Mitchell R. Stevens
Brent Stoltz
Spencer Stone
Kerry & Ben Strupp
Greg and Anna Sullins
Stanley Surrett
William Sweet
Dennis and Tara Theodossis
Brenda and Mike Thomas
Sharon Valderrama
Laura Valdes
Micah Voelzow
Tony J. VunCannon
LeRoyce Walker
Chelsea Walton
Hannah Warren
Damian and Hayley Wells
Angi West
Benjamin West
Molly and John Whatley
Emily Wheeler
Micah Wohlford
Scott and Nona Workman
B. Wright
Peter Wrublewski
Brian Young-Office Environments