Land of Sky P20 Council

Land of Sky P20 Council


The Land of Sky P20 Council will implement strategies with an inclusive and innovative lens to align credentials of value with local employer needs that lead to family-sustainable wages in order to produce an additional 10,000 individuals in the workforce by the year 2030.

The economic prosperity of Western NC depends on a collaborative effort to fill the workforce gap our region faces from today until 2030!

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As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

Expand the Depth and Breadth of Shared Learning & Professional Development:

  • Provide professional development opportunities to educators at all levels.
  • Provide shared learning opportunities to all stakeholders along the education to career pipeline.
  • Share reports and learning opportunities from such partners as myFutureNC and ncIMPACT.

Integrate Results-Based Accountability Data/Evaluation Principles and Practices

  • Utilize data analytics to:
    • Ensure Equity
    • Identify Opportunities Gaps
    • Utilize Evidence-based Data to Establish Proactive Support Services
    • Develop Metrics that measure the success of:
      • Alignment of Pre-K and Early Childhood Development Initiatives to establish social and emotional skills that can be fostered throughout the educational journey.
      • Development of career pathways aligned with student aspirations and employers’ needs.
      • Development of a tiered advising framework that provides a roadmap for aligned advising beginning in elementary school and aligned with stakeholders from educational institutions to local employers.
      • Establishment of formal regional partnerships in which Pre-K, K – 12, higher education, government, and private sector leaders are represented to mobilize multiple stakeholders and advance alignment.
      • Connecting employers to educational partners to support curriculum development or work-based learning experiences.
      • Targeting special populations such as re-entry, veterans, immigrants, and students economically or academically at risk for educational attainment.