Early Morning Break In

Submitted by Elisabeth on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 4:53pm
If you caught some of today's local news you may have seen that our building was broken into and extensive damage done to a number of the offices on the second floor of our building. While we saddened about the violation and damage sustained, we are eternally grateful that none of our staff or building neighbors were hurt. 
We have a couple of HUGE shout outs to share: 
1. to the good Samaritan who saw something wasn't right and called in a report - you likely saved many other agencies in this building from extensive damage
2. to APD for their swift response and apprehension of the suspect
3. to all our nonprofit neighbors who pitched in and helped each other out this morning - you are an awesome example of community in action
4. of course our own Ray Griffiths, our building super, for handling the mess and all the details to get things back in working order
5. and finally to all the kind people who have called or emailed to offer help or even a small gift, we appreciate the gesture and want you to know they will be used to assist in the repairs.