Holiday Book Drive

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With YOUR help, we can put brand new books in the hands of local middle school youth this holiday season. In partnership with the local Barnes & Noble and local author, Robert Beatty, of the Serafina books, we are hoping to give the gift of reading to hundreds of students in our community.

It's easy, just:

  • visit Barnes & Noble (Asheville Mall)
  • buy some books from the suggested list below
  • leave them with your Barnes & Noble cashier
  • Thanks to local author Robert Beatty, if you buy one of the Serafina books at Barnes & Noble, we will match it with two more. So your one book donation becomes three!


  • buy new books from the list
  • drop them off, unwrapped at United Way (50 S. French Broad Ave, Asheville)

Get the books to a drop location by December 31st. 

This is a great opportunity for companies, faith communities and neighborhood groups to come together and promote volunteersim around the holidays and make an impact in the life of a middle schooler.

These books are especially popular and are recommended by local educators:

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