Join Our Community Conversations Committee

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/19/2021 - 9:29am

Thanks to everyone who replied with an interest in engaging our community through our Community Conversations Committee. We have ended our search process and will be following up with applicants in the next few weeks. 

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We're recruiting individuals to co-create and implement a series of Community Conversations throughout Buncombe County. The purpose of these conversations is to listen to, learn from, and work with the community; building the necessary relationships that allow ALL voices to be heard in creating solutions that elevate student success, support families, and engage communities throughout Buncombe County.

While no one can predict the future challenges our communities will face, we do know that to confront them effectively our neighbors who are most impacted by poverty and injustice must be active participants in co-creating solutions. 

We're looking for 8-10 Buncombe County residents who want to help create these solutions by serving on our Community Conversations Committee. 

Committee members will:

  1. Be paid for their service ($25 per hour/applicable to community members only)
  2. Commit to serving on the committee for a minimum of 6 months (starting August 2021)
  3. Help plan, build, and conduct community conversations throughout Buncombe County
  4. Initially commit to serving 3 hours per month in planning meetings
  • Lunch will be provided at each meeting
  • Commit to any additional times needed to conduct the Community Conversations

If you're looking for an opportunity to help create an open and honest dialogue around some of our community's most pressing issues, we want to hear from you. Please follow this link to our employment page where you'll find a contact form to submit your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.