Scam Alert

Submitted by Elisabeth on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 1:34pm

The information below surfaced in Rhode Island and Graham and Greenlee Counties of Safford, AZ as well.

We've been alerted that there are some people fraudulently representing themselves as an "agent of United Way" offering grant dollars to seniors who need help making ends meet.  One scenario reports that an older gentleman states that he received a check via Fed Ex for $250,000 and saw his friend’s name on a list and she should take advantage of the opportunity. 

While we haven't heard of anything surfacing in NC or our area specifically, we thought it best to name it here.  On that note, we solicit for donations via workplace campaigns, direct mail and online. We never solicit by phone. We do sometimes call our donors, either to clarify a gift they've made or to simply thank them for their support. 
If you ever experience something that feels like fraud, let us know and let the police know as well.