Advocacy Alert: Keep Nonprofits NonPartisan

Submitted by Elisabeth on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 3:30pm
Advocacy Alert from the NC Center for Nonprofits:
Please take 3 minutes on Monday, Oct 30 to tell your U.S. Representative Not to Make Nonprofits Political Tools
As Congress focuses its attention on federal tax reform this fall, the ability of charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations to stay out of partisan politics is under attack. It is urgent that nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers make our voices heard on the importance of protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship.

Please take three minutes on Monday to call your U.S. Representative and tell him or her:

"Don't use tax reform to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment, which keeps partisan politics out of North Carolina's nonprofits, churches, and foundations. I am concerned that any efforts to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment will harm my community and damage the public's trust in my organization and many other North Carolina nonprofits and churches. Thank you!"

How To Reach Them

Thank you for the important work that your nonprofit does every day,
Jeanne Tedrow                David Heinen
President/CEO                Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy