The Peaks Society

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Unique Apart, United Together

The Peaks Society is a powerful group of local prominent residents who commit their time and resources to co-creating an inclusive community where everyone belongs and everyone thrives. The Peaks Society serves as a conduit for its members to learn about issues facing students, families, and communities, and to become a catalyst for positive change by developing solutions that address these issues.

Designed to recognize community members who invest $1,000 or more annually, The Peaks Society comprises United Way's largest single donor base and is the driving force behind much of our work.


Joining is easy! We offer payroll deduction, credit card, bank draft, and paper billing options, and can do so on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 

  • Donate $1,000 or more to the Live United Fund by making a gift through your workplace campaign, by mail, have us set up any of the billing options above or give now online and indicate your interest in The Peaks Society. You can also combine your financial gift with that of your partner to equal the $1,000 giving level, making both of you Peaks members. Please contact Kris Dionne for instructions.
  • For detailed information about The Peaks Society, please contact Kris Dionne, 828.239.1049.

And be sure to connect with us on Facebook

Membership in The Peaks Society has its benefits - both personal and professional:

  • Special recognition in our annual Leaders in Giving + Action publication;
  • Networking events and educational forums with other corporate and community leaders;
  • An annual appreciation reception reserved exclusively for Leadership Givers;
  • Joint events with United Way's Affinity Groups (Women United and Highlands Circle);
  • On-going opportunities to give back to our community through volunteerism; and
  • Year-round communications sharing the amazing impact members have in our community.

Committee Members

  • Brent Russell - Chair, Allen-Tate, Beverly-Hanks Realtors
  • Jessica Rivers
  • Jennifer Marlowe - Northwestern Mutual
  • Lucy Rountree - Green Nature Marketing
  • Page Sigmon - Eaton
  • Clint Cogburn - Ward and Smith, P.A.

S. F. James Abbott
Brittany C. Adams
Bob and Peg Adams
Cindy Anstrom
Joe and Cheryl Aull
Fred and Marcia Ayers
Karen Bailey
Aubrey Barnard
Barbara M. Baskerville
David Becker
Danielle Bernstein
Terri Blankenship
Jan and Larry Blunt
Brianna C. Bobo
Elisabeth Bocklet and Aurethia Scott
Barbara Body
Tom Bolton
Erin Bowers
James Brasfield
Elizabeth Bridgers
John D. Buchanan
Dawn Burgard
Kim and Jeff Burleson
Maggie Burleson
Coleen Butterick
Tom and Scottie Cannon
Anne Carpenter
Alex Carr
Richard C. Carter III
Robert L. Carter
Barbara Chambers
Dr. and Mrs. William Chambers
Betsy Chater
Charles and Patricia Sloan Clogston
Drs. Don and Vicki Collins
Celeste and Carleton Collins
Pam Combs
Chris Conner
Michael and Lynn Cook
Marilyn and Michael Cortes
Nancy and Paul Craig
Karensa Crandall
Nancy Critcher-White
Vanessa Crouch
Diana and Gary Curran
Jeffrey and Susan Curtis
Ric Davenport
Clayton Davis
Al and Jamye Davis
Karen and Scott Dedman
Janet Dektor
Lynne Courtney Diehl
Joseph Doedtman
Elizabeth Dore
Tony & Rebecca Doty
Christine and James Dozier
Steven Dozier
Diane Demetris-Duermit
Jade Dundas
Cathi Durham
Kenneth Edwards
Rachel Ellege
Jarid E. Ethridge
Iris* and Durward Everett Charitable Fund
Tom Farr
Stephen Forrest
Mike and Carol Anne Freeman
Lynne Froeba
Michael Gempe
Bradford Ghent
Amy Gillen
Brian and Leah Gillespie
Preston Glenn
Andy Gmitter
Ron and Pat* Godbold
Shirley Gold
Jeremy and Heather Goldstein
Brian and Leanne Gompers
Clinton Gorman
Mark Greene
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg
George Groome
Randall C. Hall and George D. Zourzoukis
Benjamin and Bonnie Hamrick
Larry B. and Susan Harris
Larry and LuAnn Harris
Lisa Hart
Alice H. and William A. Hart, Jr.
Tom & Marie Hartye
Rex and Peggy Henderson
Edward Stoll and Nancy Herbert
Leslie and Jim Hill
Jim and Nancy Hoer
Harold Hogstrom
Tige Hopper
Michele Torino Hower and Layton Hower
Tracee Humes
Harry B. (Sonny) Iler III
William Ingram
Eric and Linda Iovacchini
Malorie and Will Irwin
Curry Jamison
Elizabeth Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Aletha and Lyle Johnson
Ivy Johnson
Robin E. Jones
Richard and Angela Jones
John Ellery and Elizabeth Jones
Arminda Joseph
Brad Kappalman
Ron and Sharon Katz
Mike and Donna Kellis

James Kelton
Laura Kerzwick
Ann Batchelder and Henri Kieffer
Frances A. Killian
Mr. Robert Knight
Dr. Harald Kowa
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kubitschek
John Kuzma
Rich and Suzy Landau
Lisa LaVallee
Gary Lazich
John Legerton and Kathy Meacham
Julie Livesay
Ryan Love
Dr. Sally Ludlum
Joseph Luna and Paula O'Hara
Rick and Janna Lutovsky
Martin and Kathryn Mann
Dee and John Mason
Anne McClintic
Larry and Dershie McDevitt
Michelle McElroy
Verna McGaughey
Frank and Chelsea McGowan
Robert McIntyre
Hannah McKinney
Cindy McMahon
V. Fred and Sheila Meadows
Steven Mears
C.J. Merrill
Caitlyn Merrill
Bill and Alice Miller
Julie Montanea
Donette Moore
Patti Moore
Lisa Morris
David L. Nash and Virginia L. Duquet
Timothy Neill
Steve and Kay Nesbitt
Daniel Newsom
Kelli D. Owen
Rusty and Sharon Owen
Wanda Parton
Rachel A. Perry
Michele Pilon
Ben and Jeanne Powell
Randy Prause
Thomas Quinn
Natalia Rabin
Maureen Rafferty
M. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ray
Cynthia Reese
John and Karen Rhodin
Scott and Sandra Rice
Perry Ripple
Rick Robinson
Larry Rogers
Rev. and Mrs. Scott B. Rogers
Ryan Rohwer
Maria Roloff
Lucy Rountree
Drs. John and Constance Russell
Robby and Michelle Russell
Melissa Saltz
Adrian and Shirley Sandler
Mary Margaret and Wade Saunders
Matthew D. Scarborough
Nancy Schuman
Greg Schwartz
Rose Seleska
Kristi Shrum
Page Sigmon
Linda Y. Smith
Albert and Barrie Sneed
John Sprink
Richard and Haley Stamey
Robert Stashick
Carol Steen
Mike and Cathy Steinback
Mitchell R. Stevens
Daniel and MaryAlice Stickney Bell
Kerry & Ben Strupp
Greg and Anna Sullins
Susanne Swanger
Noel Swartz
Dan and Daina Swift
Ray and Angela Tedder
Laurie Towers
Teri Tracy
Randy and Kathleen Treiber
Sanel Tufekcic
James Tyson
Dr. Hope Mustoe and Dr. John Van Wye
Claire and Larry Versteegh
Ann Von Brock and Sherman Fearing
Tony J. VunCannon
Renee M. and Steve R. Walker
Timothy Wallace
Pamela Warren
Corey Webb
Alexandra Weeks
Bob Wernet, Jr.
Jeremy West
Ann Whaley
Molly and John Whatley
Emily Wheeler
James D. Whitehouse
Weaver and Tammie Whitlock
Glenn and Pauline* Wilcox
Mike and Kathy Willett
Derrick T. Woodbury
Natalie Woodruff and Debra Wilhelm
Mary Bruce and Stephen W. Woody

Georganna and Scott Adams
Derek and Elizabeth Allen
James Anderson
Tommy and Gene Arnold
Corey Atkins
Shandip Bahadur KC
Jan Bailey
Jodie Becker
Stuart Bell
Thomas Bennett
Mark and Amy Brewer
Daniel and Linda Brown
Russ Brown
Scott T. Burnette
Sandra P. Byrd
Ryan and Victoria Calvert
Kirsten L. Cone
Amy L. Congdon and Bill Doyle
Hilary Davenport
Jan and Ann Davis
Randy and Kelly Davis
Ichaya Dhungel
Nick and Kris Dionne
Christie Dresback
Kent Gatling
Jan and Bob Gelder
Jim and Sheri Groce
David L. Hayes
Keith Houghton
Dwayne and Kelly Hudgins
Richard Hurley
William and Tara Irby
Jonathan Jobe
Austin Johnson
S. Jones
Will R. Jones
John and Amy Kelso
David and Angela Kemper
Mary Lewis
Mark and Lisa Lindsay
Teresa Lovelady
Amy and Lee Loy
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mance, Jr.
Jennifer Martin
Judith McElroy
David and Karen Mouw
Jonathan and Christine Nelson
Terry O'Laughlin
Timothy Owen
Michael Palecki
Eric Pater
Robert and Barbara Peterson
Avril Pinder
Bob and Becky Pitts
Penelope and Ray Ponder
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reiley
Jessica Rich
Dede Rowe
John M. Rozier, Jr.
John Russler
Dianne and Charles Sawyer
Eric Schober
Douglas Scothorn
Jennifer Scott
Laurie and Dave Serfas
Bob and Brenda Shepherd
Rachel Sossoman
Anthony Stroupe
John R. Sutton, Jr.
Donna and Allan Tarleton
Fran and Doug Thigpen
Brian Traynham
Mrs. Moultrie H. Truluck
John Underwood
John Warren
Nancy Watford
William M. Winkler
Scott and Nona Workman
Charles and Nancy Worley
Wutschel Family
Chris and Nina Young
Andrea and Boris Younger
Dick and Judy Allen
Linda and Jerry Ariail
Michelle Bedard
Heath and Paige Blankenship
Virginia and John Brand
James E. Brazell
Nathan and Anne Burkhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Burt
Tom and Cathy Byers
Debra  D. Campbell
Charlotte Caplan and Michael Brubaker
Ellen and Robert Carr
Sarah and Dave Cash
Dr. Pamela and Mr. Chris Cavanaugh
Shelia and Nick Christofalos
Jeff and Susan Covington
Dr. E. Brown Crosby
Jeanne and Charlie Cummings
David and Elizabeth Cypcar
Madeline Davis
Jerry De Land
Traci Diblasio
Dawn and Walt Dickinson
Heidi DuBose Fore
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Fields
Hank and Sarah Garbee
Lisa Glovan
Barbara and Jeff Gould
Clementine Gregory
Alice and Bill Griffin
Matt Groome
Matt C. Hockman
Todd Kaderabek and Katherine Kaderabek

Patsy R. Keever
Chuck and Sharon Killian
Colin and Eugenia Larsen
Dan and Jennifer Loizzo
Dr. Shantae L. Lucas
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Maddox
Sandy and Marty Martin
Zebulon Martin
Clary McCall
Sue and Raymond McClinton
Steven and Katrina McDevitt
Joe and Ellen McGuire
George W. and Judith C. Morosani
Sue and Charlie Mueller
Kevin & Julee Nunley
Robin & John Oswald
Shelly and Scott Powell
Cal and Kit Rains
Amira and Tom Ranney
Ann and Tip Ray
Glenn and Julie Risedorf
Jonathan Jay Robinson and Kelly McCanless
Susie and John Ruhl
Lee Ann and Brent Russell
Steve and Carole Shoaf
Ann H. Skoglund
Phil and Pat Smith
Ashley and Keith Smith
Valorie Speegle-Snell and John Snell
Michael Stevenson
Meredith and Jeff Switzer
Dr. Michael J. Teaford
Ed and Cindy Towson
Pete and Pat Wallenborn
Monica and Jason Walls
Damian and Hayley Wells
Jed and Bree Welmaker
Jerry and Debbie Williams
Jon Wilson
Larry and Janie Wilson
Wes and Stephanie Wright
Michelle and Joe Yanik
Laleah Adams
George and Sandra Beverly
Liz and Todd Britton
Parker Brock
Judy Carter and Susan Sluyter
Mary Cascio
Jim and Lisa Clark
Keith Collins
Richard and Bridget Eckerd
Miles and Millicent Elmore
Beth and Randy Fluharty
Thomas and Elaine Grella
Becky Guthrie
Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel
Liz and John Kimberly
Rebecca and Rick Manske
Robert and Lynda McArthur
Kevin McDonald
Jim Samsel and Kim McGuire
Kevin and Shionette Montgomery
Yolanda and Gary Parker
Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz
Bob Roberts
Dr. Alex and Mrs. Lynn Schneider
Howard and Cynthia Sellinger
Natalie Shaft
Bill and Angie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Canie B. Smith
Larry and Penni Thompson
Terence Van Arkel
Leonard Wojcian
Carol Wolfenbarger
Michael and Elizabeth Freeman
Kerry and Anna Friedman
Melissa M. Hicks, MD and Ann D. Brown, CNM, MSN
Elizabeth W. Holden
Laurel Jernigan
Dan and Marin Leroy
Virginia and Drew Litzenberger
Fran Paschall
Bitsy and Jim Powell
Julie Smith
Denise Snodgrass
David and Billie Stewart
John and Kathy Tempelaar-Lietz
Dennis and Tara Theodossis
Brett and Angie Cannady
Dan and Teri Deitz
Dan and Barbara Gerber
Marjorie and John Hickman
Peter and Diane Jones
Toby and Bernd Linder
Dawson and Susan Mims
Rickie Sue Smith
Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Vanderbeek
Dr. John R. Hoskins IV and Ms. Laura A. Webb
Doug and Kelley Wehrkamp
Susan and Thomas Withrow
David D. Bailey and Sherie Ryan-Bailey
Charles Morse
Chasity Oxendine