Sarah Roth

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My professional experience spans the nonprofit industry ranging from youth development and outdoor education to refugee resettlement and volunteer management. I received my bachelor's degree from Appalachian State University and a master's degree in social work with an emphasis on human service management from Boston University.

Give us a glimpse into your role at United Way. How do you help us fulfill our mission? What are you most excited about accomplishing as a team?

In my role, I work to develop and implement successful strategic volunteer engagement activities that support our overall organizational goals. I also supervise our social work interns who help add tremendous capacity to our organization. I'm most excited about our deep and expanding partnerships with other organizations. I've been many other places where so much is done in silos and isolation. I feel that the work we are doing is helping to break down those silos and work more effectively to support students and families. 

What’s your favorite thing about our community?

I love that we are all willing to dive in and work harder and better together. 

What would we find you doing when you aren’t at work?

You will find me out in the woods somewhere. I love hiking, camping, climbing, anything outdoors. I love doing these activities with my husband and daughter. 

Do you have any podcast, book, music, or movie recommendations?

Books, I love anything Barbara Kingsolver, Music you can find me anywhere from Broadway show tunes to bluegrass. 

Tell us about any committees or associations you are a part of and/or awards/recognitions you’ve received.