Women United

Women United




Grounded in Purpose
and Community

Women United members form a diverse, vibrant, and impactful community, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging - to United Way's mission, and to this place we all call home. This Affinity group recognizes influential women who invest $1,000 or more annually.

They empower each other to leverage their passions, ideas, expertise, and resources to develop solutions to our community's most pressing issues. Locally, they focus on strengthening our community by supporting students and families through community schools. To date, more than 200 members have contributed over $350,000 in support of our community.


It's a simple process! We offer payroll deduction, credit card, bank draft, and paper billing options, and can do so on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

  • Donate $1,000 or more to the Live United Fund by making a gift through your workplace campaign, by mail, have us set up any of the billing options above, or give now online and indicate your interest in Women United.
  • Step Up Program. Step Up is designed to allow women at the start of their careers to join Women United in stages:
    • Yr 1 - $600 (immediately recognized as a Women United member)
    • Yr 2 - $800 (continued recognition as a Women United member)
    • Yr 3 - $1,000 (recognized as a member and Leadership Giver)
  • For detailed information about Women United, please contact Kris Dionne, 828.239.1049.

And be sure to connect with us on Facebook.

Why engage?

  • You'll join other like-minded women contributing their time and unique strengths to build a strong, and inclusive community;
  • Special recognition in our annual Leaders in Giving + Action publication;
  • The opportunity to give back by volunteering your professional expertise and talent to support students and families via community schools;
  • Networking opportunities with some of the most influential women in Asheville and Buncombe County;
  • Attend Women United's national biennial summit;
  • Learn more about critical issues impacting our community; and
  • Year-round communications detailing the incredible work being done by members.

Committee Members

  • Jenny Boyer, Co-Chair - Ward and Smith, P.A.
  • Ashley Smith, Co-Chair - FORVIS
  • Ashley Gragtmans - Modera
  • Lynne Froeba - Farm Girl Foodie
  • Faith Doyle - Webb Investment Services
  • Elizabeth Allen

Brittany C. Adams
Tim and Amy Bibby
Heath and Paige Blankenship
Brianna C. Bobo
Erin Bowers
Liz and Todd Britton
Ryan and Victoria Calvert
Susy Chandler
Kirsten L. Cone
Nancy and Paul Craig
Hilary Davenport
Nick and Kris Dionne
Elisabeth Donovan
Heidi DuBose Fore
Stephanie Franklin
Julie Goodman
Malorie and Will Irwin
Arminda Joseph
Kimberly Kelley
Leah Mayberry
Anne McClintic
Alison Pettigrew
Lucy Rountree
Ashley and Keith Smith
Rachel Sossoman
Kerry & Ben Strupp
Dennis and Tara Theodossis
Damian and Hayley Wells
Scott and Nona Workman
Laleah Adams
Cindy Anstrom
Linda and Jerry Ariail
Jan Bailey
Karen Bailey
Barbara M. Baskerville
Jodie Becker
Michelle Bedard
Danielle Bernstein
Terri Blankenship
Jan and Larry Blunt
Tracy and Scott Buchanan
Dawn Burgard
Kim and Jeff Burleson
Maggie Burleson
Coleen Butterick
Sandra P. Byrd
Debra  D. Campbell
Charlotte Caplan and Michael Brubaker
Anne Carpenter
Ellen and Robert Carr
Judy Carter and Susan Sluyter
Mary Cascio
Sarah and Dave Cash
Barbara Chambers
Betsy Chater
Shelia and Nick Christofalos
Celeste and Carleton Collins
Drs. Don and Vicki Collins
Pam Combs
Amy L. Congdon and Bill Doyle
Michael and Lynn Cook
Kit and Mark Cramer
Diana and Gary Curran
Laura Daniel
Olivia Dantzler
Donna and Greg Davis
Al and Jamye Davis
Madeline Davis
Randy and Kelly Davis
David and Suzanne DeFerie
Janet Dektor
Cindy DeLoach
Traci Diblasio
Lynne Courtney Diehl
Julie Dikos
Tony & Rebecca Doty
Christine and James Dozier
Christie Dresback
Diane Demetris-Duermit
Cathi Durham
Jennifer DuVall
Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins
Richard and Bridget Eckerd
Rachel Ellege
Linda Ferguson
Gary and Taylor Foss
Lynne Froeba
Richard and Deborah Frye
Drs. John and Janet Garrett
Jeremy and Heather Goldstein

Desiree Greene
Clementine Gregory
Junius and Pat Grimes
Becky Guthrie
Lisa Hart
Vicki S. Heidinger
Melissa M. Hicks, MD and Ann D. Brown, CNM, MSN
Leslie and Jim Hill
Sara P. Hill
Elizabeth W. Holden
Nancy Horowitz
Kyle and Jennifer Hovermale
Dwayne and Kelly Hudgins
Tracee Humes
Elaine and David Ingle
Eric and Linda Iovacchini
Curry Jamison
Laurel Jernigan
Elizabeth Johnson
Pamela Johnson
John Ellery and Elizabeth Jones
Robin E. Jones
S. Jones
Todd Kaderabek and Katherine Kaderabek
Patsy R. Keever
Frances A. Killian
Lisa LaVallee
Mary Lewis
Dr. Shantae L. Lucas
Dr. Sally Ludlum
Jennifer Martin
Clary McCall
Judith McElroy
Jim Samsel and Kim McGuire
David and Marjorie McGuirk
V. Fred and Sheila Meadows
C.J. Merrill
Bill and Alice Miller
Dawson and Susan Mims
Julie Montanea
Donette Moore
Kelli D. Owen
Rusty and Sharon Owen
Fran Paschall
Rachel A. Perry
Avril Pinder
Dr. Christie Posner
Linda F. Poss
Natalia Rabin
Ann and Tip Ray
M. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ray
Rhonda Rice
Glenn and Julie Risedorf
Maria Roloff
Dede Rowe
Nancy Schuman
Rose Seleska
Natalie Shaft
Jennifer M. Shelley
Kristi Shrum
Page Sigmon
Ann H. Skoglund
Julie Smith
Rickie Sue Smith
Denise Snodgrass
Valorie Speegle-Snell and John Snell
Carol Steen
Mike and Cathy Steinback
Cissie and Jack* Stevens
Daniel and MaryAlice Stickney Bell
Susanne Swanger
Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken
Fran and Doug Thigpen
Mrs. Moultrie H. Truluck
Karen Vernon and Drake Thomas
Ann Von Brock and Sherman Fearing
Renee M. and Steve R. Walker
Wanda Walker
Nancy Watford
Katherine J. Wauford
Dr. John R. Hoskins IV and Ms. Laura A. Webb
Alexandra Weeks
Ann Whaley
Jerry and Debbie Williams
Carol Wolfenbarger
Natalie Woodruff and Debra Wilhelm
Michelle and Joe Yanik
Denise Yarborough
JoAnn Yoder
Dr. Michael and Ann Young
Andrea and Boris Younger