Youth Matters


IIEC YOUTH AND TEEN INC. is an organization that builds relationships in the community, in the school system, and with the families of the students attending our programs.

The Youth Matters Program is designed to be an outlet for youth and teens who may need additional educational support, structure, guidance, mentorship, and love. We also offer mentorship and leadership opportunities through our collaborative partnerships.


What it means to be a part of the U4Y Network, is more than we can imagine or put in words here at IIEC YOUTH AND TEEN INC. We are all about shifting the culture and cultivating long-lasting partnerships in and out of the communities that we serve.  We are so thankful to be a part of the U4y Network.  

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As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

  1. We are committed to collaborating with communities, schools, and community partners for service projects, project-based learning, and fieldwork/field trip opportunities.
  2. We are committed to offering 1 on 1 mentorship as well as group mentorship opportunities through our Youth Matters Program.
  3. We are committed to hosting discussion groups two times a week for youth and teens through collaborative partnerships.