As a member of the United for Youth Network, we commit to:

  • Prioritize youth, parent, family, and community leadership. The YWCA commits to participating in community school resource teams at Asheville Middle School and Erwin Middle School. We commit to participating in future resource teams at high schools to ensure connection to the YWCA Motherlove Program.
  • Offer Racial Justice Workshops to school communities including but not limited to students, teachers, staff, and parents. The YWCA will make the 21 Day Racial Justice Challenge available to all members of the school community and make the workshop content available through a train-the-trainer model.
  • The YWCA will work towards aligning our data collection tools with the RBA model and, when possible, we will practice data transparency by sharing our data with the workgroup.
  • Support a shared public policy agenda aligned to the equity-centered vision and bold community goal. The YWCA commits to engaging and participating in policy advocacy through our networks and communications.