Celebrating Publix in Western North Carolina

Publix United Way Asheville Buncombe CountyCelebrating Publix in Western North Carolina

It's important for us as an organization to take a day out of each year, alongside fellow United Ways across the United States, to uplift both our local and national Publix Supermarkets. An entirely employee-owned operation, both the employees as well as Publix Supermarket Charities, hold a strong philanthropy focus, supporting nonprofit organizations focused on youth, education, hunger reduction, and homelessness within the communities they reside. With our organization's dedication to education, income, and health as the focus areas in reducing the impacts and effects of poverty in our community, our local partnership naturally aligns to support the residents of Buncombe County.

With three Publix locations in Western North Carolina, we're excited to share United Way Asheville + Publix our gratitude for their presence and dedication to our community.

In 2018, Publix employees collectively donated over $100,000 to our organization and therefore all of our Funded Partners and Hubs of Service, which directly support our work in Community Schools.

Here are Five Things

You Should Know About Publix:


  1. Publix donated over three pallets of school supplies, over 5,000 pounds, to support our students during our annual School Supply Drive. They also wrapped 60 books together as part of an employee engagement event to support local students during our annual Holiday Book Drive, which collectively raised 2,800 books from the community for our students in 2019.
  2. Publix is the world's largest employee-owned company, operating 1,215 supermarkets in seven Southeastern states.
  3. Over 200 Publix employees are donors to United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, which is just one way they demonstrate their dedication and investment in our local community.
  4. Many of those employees also donate at levels that also place them in Leadership Giving groups, where they continue to learn about our work alongside community partners throughout Asheville and Buncombe County.
  5. In 2018, Publix associates pledged $38.7 million to United Way Worldwide and Publix Supermarket Charities donated $26.6 million, totaling $65.3 million in donations.

Join us in recognizing Publix for the incredible work in our community and throughout the United States. Their service, philanthropy, and commitment to our community is inspiring. Thank you, Publix!