United Way and the Community Foundation of WNC

As time passes, and staff members change, the origin stories of organizations can sometimes become more faint, even forgotten. This is not the case for the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. As active present day partners, our two organizations share a dedication to our community and a lasting and intertwined history. 

Featured in their recent annual report is a celebration of their 40 years of impact on our region and, within that story, is a nod to the role that we had on their formation. 


A few nuggets from our own annual report at that time:

"This Committee, was formed in March 1978, under the sponsorship of United Way and later under the co-sponsorship of the Junior League of Asheville including several community-at-large representatives... On June 1, a Feasibility Study Report was presented to and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of United Way which directed the committee to proceed with the organization of a Community Foundation.

We are pleased to report that on December 27, 1978, the Foundation received two sizable contributions from out-of-state friends of the Foundation. We are confident that "the Community Foundation of Greater Asheville" will become a valuable asset not only to the residents of this area but also to the United Way and local hospitals, churches and cultural and educational institutions. In the years to come it could prove to be as important and valuable to the community as the United Way." 

Present Day Partners

Over the years we’ve received numerous donations for our work through donor advised funds made through the Community Foundation of WNC.  In addition, recent support from the Community Foundation’s “People In Need” grant allowed us to kickstart our efforts to bring Homework Diners to our community. 
We also partnered with the Community Foundation of WNC, Mission Health Foundation and the Cherokee Preservation Foundation in 2005 to establish WNC Nonprofit Pathways. This funders collaborative is focused on helping both new and established nonprofits throughout the region maintain and increase their capacity to better meet their missions.

See the Community Foundation of WNC's full annual report here:

As We Prepare To Celebrate Our Own Milestone

In 2021 we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary serving the people of Buncombe County. We’ll take time to celebrate the people who have given so much to our community and the accomplishments and impact we’ve all had together. If you have a story or milestone that you think we ought to include, be sure to share it with us. Just call 239-1031 or email our Marketing and Communications Director, Elisabeth Bocklet.