National Wiper Alliance Makes In-Kind Donation

Submitted by Elisabeth on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 8:36am
Jeff Slosman loads a box of wipes into a van for delivery


Jeff Slosman, president of National Wiper Alliance, recently made a generous in-kind gift of wipes to United Way for distribution among Buncombe County first responders and nonprofit community. 

With a gift of two pallets of wipes, National Wiper Alliance's in-kind donation will support Buncombe County's Emergency Operation Center for distribution to first responders. The rest will head out to a number of agencies including Homeward Bound, ABCCM, The Western Carolina Rescue Ministries, and Buncombe County Partnership for Children which serves over 50 childcare centers that are preparing to re-open, just to name a few. 

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Watch As National Wiper Alliance Loads Donation

A Strong Spirit of Community Service

Donating several pallets worth of product is just one example of how Buncombe County native, Jeff Slosman, and his wife Debra Slosman are both committed to their community. They are long time donors and members of our Tocqueville Society, a giving circle for donors making significant annual contributions and often providing crucial volunteer leadership. 


Jeff spent some time volunteering for Owen Middle School's "Spark Tank", the school's version of Shark Tank, providing advice to budding entrepreneurs in the Swannanoa Valley. 

Students pitched their small business ideas to local business owners who not only provided feedback on the business ideas, they also invested small amounts of their own money to help the students launch their products for sale at a fair later in the year at the school. 

Jeff wasn't the first in his family to provide this kind of business insight to local students. The year before his wife, Debra Prince Slosman, tackled the same project at Asheville Middle School;

"What I loved about the "Cougar" Tank experience was that the students were immersed in this same sort of project-based learning, giving them skills that will remain relevant to their future careers while also practicing their ability to communicate," shares Debra. I was so very proud of each of the participants addressing all our unfamiliar faces, taking in our constructive feedback, and making the most of an experience that beat the heck out of just ‘doing homework’. Mrs. Portugal was able to creatively engage her 7th-grade students and the results of their teamwork and critical thinking produced were really impressive.”